Laser Projector does not require mold and tool targets.

Press Release Summary:

Eliminating need for cooperative retro-reflective targets on molds and tools used in manufacturing and assembly, TLP uses laser projector to scan features of object. Data acquired from those features is used to align laser projector with tools. Suited for use in composites, marine, and aerospace industries, targetless system also eliminates need for metrology systems and operator time spent acquiring and evaluating targets.

Original Press Release:

LPT Unveils Targetless Laser Projector

Eliminates Costly Mold and Tool Targets Currently Required in Manufacturing

Manchester NH - July 20, 2005 - Laser Projection Technologies, Inc., the leading innovator and manufacturer of laser projection systems for manufacturing and assembly, launches its targetless laser projector system. Laser Projection Technologies' (LPT) newest product, called TLP, eliminates the need for cooperative retro-reflective targets on molds and tools used in manufacturing. The TLP system uses a laser projector to scan features of an object and use the data acquired from those features to align the laser projector with the manufacturing tools. This saves manufacturers valuable manufacturing time by eliminating the cumbersome task of placing targets and installing expensive targeting systems on their tools and molds. These tooling targeting systems have been required by all laser projectors until now.

Revolutionary Cost Savings

LPT's targetless laser projectors offer significant cost reductions and gains in manufacturing flexibility to OEMs in complex manufacturing and assembly, including the advanced composites, marine and aerospace industries.

Currently, most manufacturers make use of traditional hard tooling solutions in their manufacturing processes. Rigid material templates made from aluminum, Mylar, or even plywood serve as a guide for the manufacturing assemblers of products such as aircraft fuselages and boat hulls, as well as positioning ribs, brackets and substructures within a fuselage or hull. These templates have to be manually moved into position from their storage locations and are often heavy or unwieldy due to their size and weight. Templates are very costly to make, store and maintain. Most importantly, they are subject to human error in positioning and suffer distortion from alterations to the template material itself.

Traditional laser positioning systems replace the manual templates by projecting the outline of parts under manufacture onto the manufacturing surface or tools, eliminating the hard tooling previously required. In typical laser positioning applications, technicians must place reflective targets on the tooling for the laser positioning system to "see" and coordinate its projected images.

Targetless laser projection eliminates the expense of the targets, the expensive metrology systems (such as a laser tracker, a coordinate measuring machine or other similar types of measurement systems), and the system operator time to acquire and evaluate the targets.

Pricing & Availability

LPT offers its targetless laser projection system at a list price of $250,000 and is shipping units now. For information on custom installation and multiple unit pricing contact LPT's sales office, (603) 421-0209, or visit the company's website for the representative closest to your location.

About Laser Projection Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2000 and privately held, LPT has the largest installed base of laser positioning systems in the world. The world's leading manufacturers recognize LPT's laser positioning systems as the most accurate, easy-to-use, and robust laser projection systems available in the world. LPT's customers are constantly seeking leaner production methods to speed up manufacturing and lower costs.

Manufacturers that convert from conventional tooling methods to LPT's laser soft tooling solutions achieve significant advantages, specifically:

· Reduced cycle time

· Simplified tasks and reduced labor costs

· Reduced tooling costs

· Increased manufacturing floor space

· Rapid implementation of engineering changes

The result of customers incorporating LPT's laser system into their manufacturing process is a significant increase in productivity and product accuracy along with a decrease in manufacturing cycle time. LPT's systems also enable its customers to design and build products that are otherwise impossible using traditional hard tooling methods.

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