Laser Print Driver works in 32- and 64-bit operating systems.

Press Release Summary:

Used for output of third party software, laser print driver v1.0 is available for all Xenetech systems. Full engrave-by-color capability lets users set resolutions and dither patterns by color, control black percentage within color, and set footprints that control engraving in multiple layers. Other features include decoupling of raster and vector resolution, Duo diamond drag and raster capability; auto focus by job, page, and color; and resolution control from 50–1,600 dpi.

Original Press Release:

Xenetech New Laser Print Driver Now Available

Xenetech has released version 1.0 of the new laser print driver for all Xenetech systems including the Aurora, XLT, XLE, and Duo models.  This product represents a three year “ground up” rewrite of Xenetech’s driver to work in 64 and 32 bit operating systems for output of third party software such as CorelDraw™.

“We started with a clean slate, seeking broad customer and distributor input and designed a product that would be the optimal laser print driver,” stated Xenetech Software Development Manger Cary Johnston.  “This driver efficiently performs all typical functions, but also goes well beyond with significantly increased control and functionality.  We worked hard on turning laser users’ dreams into reality.”

The new driver will contain all of the functionality of industry standard laser print drivers, and with the addition of many new and industry-first features.  Xenetech’s new laser driver will provide laser customers with:

- Full engrave-by-color capability with the ability to set resolutions and dither patterns by color; as well as control of black percentage within a color; and setting “footprints” which controls engraving in multiple layers;

- Decoupling of raster and vector resolution for greater output quality control*;

- Full page rotation and mirroring control within the driver;

- An assortment of error diffusion and ordered dithering for processing photographs;

- Ability to control multiple machines from one running application of the driver

- Built in Duo diamond drag and raster capability*;

- Auto focus by job, by page, and by color*;

- Extensive resolution control from 50 dpi to 1600 dpi*;

- Material and color setting library with the ability to save all settings in job profiles;

- Cylindrical device mode;

- Job offset control;

- Easy access and translation of languages*;

- Nine different job origins to chose from*;

* Represents New Feature

Johnston revealed that the new driver has been tested at a number of sites around the world and customers have provided very positive feedback regarding the versatility, utility, and reliability of the driver.  Xenetech customers can learn more about the driver as well as how to acquire a copy by visiting the Xenetech website at, emailing, or calling Xenetech at 225-752-0225.

Xenetech develops and manufactures a full line of computerized rotary engraving  systems, laser engraving systems, and professional engraving software for the recognition, sign, rubber stamp, jewelry, gift, and industrial marking industries.  Established in 1986, the company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and maintains a global distribution network.

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