Laser Marking System accommodates metal, plastic parts.

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Capable of permanent metal and plastic marking, 50 W FiberMark flying-optics laser system features 24" x 12" work area and air-cooled, 50 W pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Laser with 1,062 nm wavelength. System accommodates materials up to 5 in. thick and can store unlimited files up to 64 MB, while rolling buffer allows files of any size to be engraved. Along with user-controlled resolution from 75-1,200 dpi, features include Red Dot Pointer, Moveable Home Position, and multimodal capabilities.

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Epilog Laser Launches 50-Watt FiberMark Metal Marking System

Increased speed and power broaden permanent metal marking capabilities

Epilog Laser today announced the launch of the 50-watt FiberMark, the first flying-optics laser system designed for permanent metal and plastic marking.

Previously available in only 20 or 30-watt models, the new 50-watt FiberMark offers more power and speed in conjunction with an already extremely user-friendly interface and generous marking area.

"The 50-watt FiberMark will result in faster marking speeds for users," said Bob Henry, FiberMark product manager. "Depending upon the material, users can expect to reduce the cycle time of many metals and plastics - in some cases even up to 100 percent. Like the 30-watt FiberMark, our extensive testing on the 50-watt machine has produced more color differentiation on various plastics and metals," Henry said.

While different colors can be challenging to produce because you must determine the precise settings for different metals, it definitely can be done."

Metal and plastic marking requirements are heightening across the board," Henry continued.

"From the aerospace industry to medical device manufacturing to electronic product design, the demand for marking solutions has never been greater. The FiberMark was designed specifically for both metal and plastic marking, which regardless of industry can help organizations increase traceability and strengthen identification processes in a convenient and cost effective manner."

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