Laser Marking/Engraving Kits suit multiple applications.

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Custom-tailored to application needs, Fantom(TM) Series OEM CO2 Laser Marking and Engraving Kits include choice of 10, 30, and 100 W models. Each system is based on folded Wave Guide laser resonators, DSP controllers, as well as direct imaging and scanning technologies. While shielding gas to scanner prevents external dust particles from contaminating lens and mirrors, graphics-based marking and engraving software and text-based architecture facilitate operation.

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CO2 Laser OEM Marking

Laser Photonics' continues to increase its products offered by introducing the Fantom(TM) Series, OEM CO2 Laser Marking and Engraving Kit. 3 New models released in January 2007 for general industrial applications - 10 Watt, 30 Watt and 100 Watt. Deliveries for 50 Watt systems will start in March.

All introduced models are based on the new generation of folded Wave Guide laser resonators, the most powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Controllers, and the fastest Direct Imaging and Scanning Technologies. A shielding gas to the scanner prevents external dust particles from contaminating the lens and mirrors, a common cause of burning optics in conventional designs.

Each system is delivered with a state of the art Graphical based Marking and Engraving Software and text based architecture which allows for multiple file conversion capabilities. This helps make the systems operation intuitive and easy for different industrial environments.

The combination between the technical novelties, increased operating speed, and price advantages make the Fantom(TM) Series an industrial choice in the upcoming years.

Laser Photonics is considering special applications in 200 Watt, 300 Watt and 500 Watt units' deliverable as a custom system.

Laser Photonics recently sold the Fantom F-30(TM), a world class 30 Watt CO2 Laser Marking and Engraving System for OEM integration and stand alone operation on manufacturing and assembly lines. The F-30 is dimensionally the smallest CO2 Laser Marking Kit available on the market today.

Greater power, light weight system, modern interface software, flexible design, and high reliability make these completely sealed, maintenance-free CO2 OEM laser marking systems the industry choice.

They can be used in the medical and automotive, aerospace, agriculture, semiconductor, sign making and packaging, tooling and paper, leather and general fabrication industries covering over 50% of industry OEM marking requirements.

Typical Applications:
IC Chip Marking
UID - Unique Identifier
Bar-coding, 2D Data Matrix Codes, Lot Codes, Date Codes
Surface Annealing Surface Etching Ablation Surface marking OCR Code Marking (Human and Machine Readable) Alphanumerics, Logos, Serial Numbers, Part Numbers, Lot / Date Codes, Schematics Complex Graphics, Pictures, and Logos Etching (Material Vaporization), Surface Texturing 2D Symbologies Linear Barcodes Marking "On the Fly"
Production Inline Integration

The packages offered are custom tailored to your specific application needs. Contact Laser Photonics to learn more about this product and how it can work best for you.

About Laser Photonics
Laser Photonics manufactures world class laser systems for material processing based exclusively on the state of the art technologies, components and operational software. Our products have a wide range of ability and performance while maintaining an affordable price and unmatched quality in execution, service, and support. Laser Photonics has a product for your needs, whether it is marking, cutting, dicing, engraving, or welding. We also offer various options to help our customers with their applications. Visit our website to learn more about the F-Series and other products Laser Photonics has to offer.

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