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Laser Markers suit wire harness manufacturing applications.

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Aug 25, 2008 - Meeting all major international, commercial, military, and OEM standards, Capris® Nova 800, 820, 840, and 860 UV laser wire marking systems can be used as part of mainstream harness production line or for cellular manufacture. Units can be configured as either manual or automated systems which feature wire Auto-Select and Load unit, allowing up to 32 different wires to be held at one time, combined with multistation dereeler handling up to 32 separate reels of wire and cable.

Spectrum Technologies PLC - Bridgend, GBR

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Spectrum Technologies Launches Full Range of Innovative New UV Laser Wire Markers - The Capris® Nova(TM) 800 Series

Press release date: Aug 07, 2008

Following the launch of the Nova 880 system in October last year, Spectrum Technologies PLC, world leader in laser wire & cable processing technology, is delighted to launch the remaining systems in the state-of-the-art Nova 800 range of UV laser wire marking systems - the Nova 800, 820, 840 and 860 models.

Nova systems are the most cost effective and highest performance, solid state UV laser wire markers in the World. The Nova 880, launched in October 2007, is the fastest laser wire marker on the market, exceeding the throughput performance of the benchmark CAPRIS 100, which for 15 years has been the workhorse for aerospace wire harness production for both commercial and military programmes worldwide.

The Nova 800 series offers economical systems using the latest technology, designed in response to industry demand for cost-effective, reliable and high performance marking systems for a range of wire harness manufacturing applications. Nova systems can be used either as part of a mainstream harness production line or for cellular manufacture and there is a Nova system for all levels of production. The Nova 800 is a new low range system for lower volume applications, with a step-up in throughput and system performance through the Nova 820, Nova 840 and Nova 860 to the top-of-the-range Nova 880.

A new advantage of the Nova range is that all Nova products may be configured as either manual or automated systems. Automated systems benefit from a new design philosophy wire Auto-Select and Load (ASL) unit allowing up to 32 different wires to be held on the system at any one time, combined with a new design powered multistation dereeler handling up to 32 separate reels of wire and cable; this is the highest number possible with any system available on the market.

A further major advantage of the automated systems is that the wires are automatically loaded into the system at higher speeds than the previous automated CAPRIS systems, reducing dead-time and set up to an absolute minimum.

A unique advantage of Nova wire marking systems is that they are fully upgradeable in the field. Customers can upgrade their Nova system to any higher level system, or from a manual to an automated version. As volumes increase and businesses grows, so can their Nova system.

As with all CAPRIS laser wire markers, Nova systems have been fully qualified with Boeing to BAC 5152, and Sikorsky Aircraft to SS7333. They are in compliance with Airbus (AIPS) and other OEM standards and the latest international standards for aerospace wire marking such as SAE AS5649 and ASD prEN4650 and meet the requirements of FAR25, AS50881 (MIL 5088L) and all other major international commercial, military and OEM standards.

The Nova 880 marking system, launched in October 2007, was very well received in the aerospace community. The launch customer for the Nova 880 was Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, CT, USA. The Nova 880 satisfied Sikorsky's need to replace their existing equipment while the advanced features of the Nova 880 offered important productivity improvements and fitted in well with their drive for lean manufacturing.