Laser handles micro machining and etching applications.

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Utilizing 40CF-R resonator technology, LVPLUSII reduces rise/fall time of square wave pulse, provides consistent beam power during cutting process, and delivers consistent edge quality. Diamond-Path technology uses constant beam length system to provide cutting stability at speeds up to 1,150 ipm across all processing areas, while Brilliantcut technology helps reduce discoloring on heat-affected zone. Modular unit is constructed in heavy-duty, 1-piece machine design.

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Mitsubishi Laser's New LVPLUSII Delivers Superior Accuracy and Maximum Productivity

March 3, 2008

Wood Dale, IL - Mitsubishi Laser introduces the next generation of its best-selling, most popular laser ever, the LVPLUS. The new LVPLUSII combines several new performance-enhancing features with the productivity features that made the original machine such a success. Mitsubishi's flexible automation is versatile and expandable, with several highly productive options to maximize throughput based on consumer needs.

The machine's new 40CF-R resonator technology, built from the success of Mitsubishi's CFX-series resonator, reduces rise time/fall time of square wave pulse. This provides a more consistent beam power during the cutting process and delivering a more brilliant and consistent edge quality. Additionally, the uniform low current discharge provides low power stability for improved micro machining and etching.

The LVPLUSII delivers new Brilliantcut technology, which can produce a cutting surface roughness equivalent to the typical machined finish. Brilliantcut provides optimal processing conditions, reduced taper, and reduced discoloring on the heat-affected zone.

The new Jet Pierce technology decreases part time by allowing material to be pierced faster and more aggressively during small hole processing. Improved height sensor hardware gives the LVPLUSII twice the tracing ability of the original machine.

The LVPLUSII is constructed in a heavy-duty, one-piece machine design. A solid Dianite casting delivers ultimate stability with machine tool, resonator and power supply incorporated onto a single platform.

Mitsubishi's Diamond-Path Technology maintains consistent beam quality by using a constant beam length system. It provides cutting stability at speeds up to 1150 inches per minute across all processing areas.

The advanced high-speed processing head on the LVPLUSII has multiple features enabling high-speed cutting on a broad range of materials for maximum productivity. Its exclusive design offers versatility and easy-to-use features.

MELS EYE, the optional Intelligent Process Monitoring System has Auto Focusing and other detection features to ensure superior cut quality. Burn Detection tracks each cut and when no longer sustained, LVPLUSII automatically restarts. Pierce Detection increases productivity by eliminating the buffer in conventional oxygen piercing. Plasma Detection minimizes scrap in high production runs by tracking plasma and adjusting the machine's speed as necessary.

LVPLUSII is completely modular, allowing for 24/7 unattended processing. Auto-Flex MSCIII Advanced Automation provides selective expansion options of multiple-shelf towers, material carts, product carts, break-in station and multiple lasers.

The Mitsubishi Experience is providing customers with the ingenuity and innovation to stay competitive on all levels. We deliver industry-leading technology and integrated solutions to help you reach new manufacturing heights. The Mitsubishi Experience is the unparalleled support of our sales and service teams, the knowledge of our application engineers, and the expertise from specialists dedicated to maximizing your productivity.

Since introducing the first laser in 1987, Mitsubishi Laser has occupied dominant positions in engineering, electronics, manufacturing and product development. For more information on Mitsubishi Laser,

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