Laser Engraving NFA, Class 3 or Title II

Generally when gun owners come to us with engraving needs they are deeply familiar with the legal requirements that pertain to them.  However, we do get questions from those looking for more information about firearms and gun engraving, suppressors or silencers and Short Barrel Rifles, commonly known as an SBR.

The laws pertaining to firearms are administered by the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or ATF, and they have a lot of great information about the legal requirements on their web site.  You may have heard of terms like Class 3, Title II or NFA guns being used interchangeably and generally it's referring to the same thing.  NFA is the National Firearms Act that the ATF is administering and enforcing. 

Title II is referring to the types of guns that require special handling, regulation and taxation.  In addition to the SBR and silencers mentioned above, Short Barrel Shotguns, aka SBS, machine guns, destructive devices and certain other specialty guns and antiques are considered Title II.  Class 3 refers to the dealer license necessary to transfer and trade in those types of items.  If you are going to buy and own a Title II gun, you need to speak with a Class 3 Dealer. We recommended consulting the ATF web site as well as speaking with some Class 3 dealers to learn more about the logistics of legally owning this type of gun.

So where does Accubeam fit into this process? 

One of the requirements to possess a Class 3 or Title II gun is to have your legal ownership information permanently engraved in a location that is noticeable and won't be altered or destroyed during use.  There are font, size and depth requirements as well prescribed by the ATF. 

The depth requirement (.003") is most important because that is the hardest aspect to obtain for an engraving shop. Most retail trophy and engraving shops do not have the capability to engrave to that depth without damaging the surface material.  Accubeam not only has the capability to meet that depth but also exceed it quickly.

Accubeam is registered with the ATF as an FFL Type 7 Manufacturer, which gives us the capability to take delivery of fully assembled or partial firearms for engraving.

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