Laser Engraver performs 3D etching on cylindrical objects.

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Cobalt 1000 YAG laser engraver and laser plate maker is available with stepper motor-controlled Linear Motion Table, which allows automated handling of smaller engravable items as well as etching of larger images exceeding scan head's 120 mm field of view. Programmable, servo-controlled Rotary Engraving Module is also available, allowing etching along circumference of round or cylindrical items. It has 500 mm stroke and fully programmable indexing positions.

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3-D Laser Engraving of Pens, Cylindrical Items, Longer Pad Printing Plates with Cobalt 1000 YAG Laser Engraver from Inkcups Now Corp


Inkcups Now introduces new 3-D laser engraving equipment for etching round and cylindrical items such as metal and coated pens, camera lenses and long pad printing plates with Cobalt 1000 YAG laser engraver and laser plate maker.


The Linear Motion Table and Rotary Engraving Module are add-on components for the Cobalt 1000 YAG laser engraver and laser plate maker. The Linear Motion Table allows to automate handling of small engravable items (such as pens, carabiners) as well as etch large images (such as graduations or multi-color pad printing plates) exceeding the 120mm field of view of the scan head. The Rotary Engraving Module allows etching along the circumference of round or cylindrical items (pens, mugs, camera lens rings, tubes, flash lights).

The Linear Motion Table is stepper motor controlled; it has a 500mm stroke and fully programmable indexing positions with a registration tolerance of +/- .0005". The tooling plate readily accepts pin registered engraving fixtures or is designed to accommodate various printing plate sizes (up to 250mm x 650mm).

The Rotary Engraving Module is a programmable servo controlled motor which enables the engraving of products up to 4 inches in diameter and 4 inches wide. The rotational accuracy is +/- .0005" and is programmed through the Cobalt 1000 software package.

The Cobalt 1000 is a YAG laser engraver designed to make high resolution pad printing plates and laser engrave a wide variety of substrates: stainless steel, silver, aluminum, coated metals, leather, simulated leather, glass, textile, paper, rubber, wood and more.

"This has been one of the industry's most popular YAG laser engravers and laser plate makers that comes with a much better technical support than, say, Epilog laser," affirms Inkcups Now representative. "The system features the highest quality components including a fiber laser, advanced Cobalt 1000 software and 10mm scan head - all packaged in a compact industrial cabinet and assembled in Boston, MA. And now, with the Linear Motion Table and Rotary Engraving Module, this machine becomes a 3-D laser engraver and truly one of the most flexible, cost effective and user friendly laser etchers on the market! One of the most popular applications for the 3-D and rotary engravers that I see today is laser engraving pens - and Cobalt is able to etch 5-10 pens at a time in a 3 second cycle. We have a lot of success stories about jump-starting customized metal pen engraving with our machine."

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Inkcups Now (ICN) is a one-stop supplier for the decorators of 3-dimensional products. The company offers a complete line of screen printing and pad printing equipment and supplies plus computer-to-plate laser engravers & laser plate makers as well as inkjet printers. ICN supplies companies in the promotional product, electronics, medical, automotive, tagless garment and other industries. In addition to supplies and machines, ICN provides a range of services: training, plate making, laser engraving, color matching and mixing, ink adhesion testing. Through J3 Global Finance, a closely held subsidiary, Inkcups Now facilitates leasing of the full line of ICN equipment. Corporate offices are located in the U.S. (MA, CA, GA, RI) and Canada. Please request free samples of pad and screen printing ink, laser printing plates and other supplies at

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