Laser Design Announces Integration of Geomagic Studio Version 9 with its 3D Laser Scanners

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN; November 28, 2006) -- Laser Design, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Geomagic Studio Version 9, with enhanced 3D features, advanced color texture generation, and advanced tools for manually defining NURBS surfaces, completely integrated into its line of 3D laser scanning systems.

Laser Design's GKS Inspection Services division employs Geomagic Studio 9 for reverse engineering projects and it is also essential to Laser Design customers worldwide in automated reconstruction and redesign of physical parts and molds, mass production of customized devices, and build-to-order manufacturing. Geomagic Studio 9 leads the pack in effectively and automatically processing 3D scan data for applications ranging from reverse engineering to design and analysis.

Applications as diverse as design and manufacturing engineering, medical modeling, and historical preservation, will benefit from the new automated features including: 1) auto-detection of 3D features; 2) a redesigned powerful macro system able to add logic and flow control to automation scripts; and 3) a system that enables users to define their own workflow processes, reducing or eliminating time-intensive tasks.

Geomagic Studio 9 also creates an open workflow for simplifying automotive and aerospace applications, engineering analysis, and cast and molding industries applications. To enable design and manufacturing engineers to detect and extract the features of an object's fundamental design, the 3D-features enhancement optimizes a model towards the intent. This function provides the ability to reconstruct "perfect" geometry from real-world objects and scanned data.

New features increase the flexibility of optimized manual creation and auto-detection of 3D features or geometric shapes. For designers or other engineers requiring self-prescribed patch layouts, the Geomagic Studio 9 Draw Patches feature makes creating and editing patch layouts as easy as drawing curves. The new feature also delivers a simple mechanism for constructing NURBS surfaces which provides continuous curves, straight-line drawing, and refined boundary handling.

The Advanced Color feature is a significant addition for artisans and historical preservationists. It offers the capability to convert per-vertex color models to new representations using texture maps to retain the full color resolution. An Image Projection feature matches a 2D photograph of a model with the 3D scanned model, and then builds a texture map from the alignment and projection of the digital photo on the scanned model.

Several new tools make Geomagic Studio 9 even easier to use: a project manager tool, hotkeys, and one to compute the center of gravity. The project manager tool breaks down large project files into smaller low-resolution files for easy manipulation; corresponding high-resolution files contain the original data.

Geomagic, Inc. is a worldwide software and services company headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and distributors worldwide. Enabled by advanced optical measurement systems and 3D-data processing software, Geomagic enables engineers and designers to transform scan data from physical objects into highly accurate digital models. More than 5,000 professionals in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices and consumer products use Geomagic software and services to customize products, automate processes, and increase throughput.

Laser Design, Inc. has been the leading supplier of ultra-precise, 3D laser scanning systems and services since 1987. Used for capturing the 3D shape of objects with complex geometric shapes and free-form surfaces, Laser Design's Surveyor line of automated and portable scanning systems are ideal for applications involving 3D inspection and reverse engineering of plastic and metal parts. The company's patented laser line-probe technology dramatically reduces scanning time by collecting data substantially faster and more accurately than conventional metrology technologies. Laser Design integrates Geomagic software with its laser scanners to provide complete solutions for reverse engineering and inspection applications.

Laser Design also operates GKS Inspection Services (, an in-house service division offering complete 3D scanning, modeling, and dimensional measurement services. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company also has an R&D lab in Seattle, a regional office in Detroit, and distributors throughout Europe and Asia.

For further information, contact Marty Schuster at Laser Design, 9401 James Avenue South, Suite 132, Minneapolis, MN 55431 USA. Phone: 952-884-9648, Fax: 952-884-9653, Internet:,

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