Laser Cutting Systems enable responsive, flexible operation.

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Pairing full FANUC laser source, FANUC L series laser CNC control system, amplifiers, and servo motors, Laser C series bundles offer energy conservation features as well as intelligent, responsive, and flexible laser cutting. All necessary laser control and diagnostics are integrated into CNC, and historical data is logged and can be accessed via CNC screen. Along with 2 power saving states, there are 5 available laser sources rated to 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 kW.

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FANUC FA America Announces New Laser C Series High-Performance Laser Bundles With New Fanuc L Series (Laser) CNC Control For Laser Cutting Machines

Hoffman Estates, IL - FANUC FA America introduces a full range of complete laser bundles in the new Laser C series which pair a full FANUC laser source with a new FANUC L series (laser) CNC control system. The new FANUC laser bundles are complete, fully integrated laser solutions which include FANUC laser source, FANUC CNC laser control, amplifiers and servo motors that are designed to optimize performance, speed and accuracy. The new Laser C series is designed to be a compact, high performance and highly reliable system and features five newly enhanced laser models; C6000i / C5000i / C4000i / C2000i / C1000i - MODEL C. These newly enhanced lasers, when paired with the new FANUC L (laser) CNC control provide extended preventative maintenance, energy savings, and more intelligent, responsive and flexible laser cutting.

As part of the FANUC laser-bundled solution, all necessary laser control and diagnostics are integrated into the CNC. Historical data for maintenance purposes is logged and can be accessed via the CNC screen. The laser source communicates with the CNC via an optical bus. No additional controller is required, and no further work is required by the machine manufacturer to ensure effective communication between the laser and CNC. Furthermore, the enhanced diagnostics with predictive maintenance features continue the charge forth in the quest for excellence.

Extended Preventative Maintenance periods developed with consolidated service routine intervals deliver the unrivaled FANUC reliability with a reduction in consumables and reduced downtime.

Energy savings were a high priority with the newly enhanced models. The C6000i / C5000i / C4000i / C2000i / C1000i - MODEL C come equipped with a new power saving function. Two power saving states are available; Eco Power Saving state in which electric power consumption is dramatically saved and the other is Quick Power Saving state in which laser cutting can be restarted quickly. The overall result is a significant reduction of power consumption during stand-by.

The flagship models, FANUC C6000i / C4000i / C2000i - MODEL C, high-performance carbon dioxide laser sources are 6kW, 4kW and 2kW respectively. The new FANUC -L series CNC control, offered as standard on the Laser C series, delivers game changing performance with agility and finesse and enables these latest leading models to offer enhanced beam characteristics. This results in greater processing speeds when cutting thin material as well as improving cut edge quality through enhanced pulse frequency. The unrivalled number of controlled and simultaneous axes ensure flawless navigation, while the improved control of delivered energy in marking or cutting secure the FANUC laser as both a race horse and a work horse in the industry. With optimized beam quality, the 6kW model covers a wide range of applications, such as stable cutting above 32 mm, greater than 1¼ inch thickness. The latest leading models complement the specialty lasers C5000i / C1000i - MODEL C with 5kW and 1kW respectively. All models feature the latest radio frequency excitation technology and High Speed Interfacing features capable of delivering unsurpassed pulsing frequencies, a powerful influence on cutting performance.

The bundled solution ensures quick, faultless start-ups of laser machines. All laser control screens are available on the CNC. Direct control of the laser source by the CNC allows simplified handling for operation and maintenance purposes. Control of the laser and machine are continually synchronized -without exception - as carried out by one processor. When used with linear motors, extremely high-speed cutting can be achieved. Fundamental advantages bear all the exceptional features of the CNC can be used by the machine tool.

The bundled solution facilitates the integration of many useful laser-processing functions. These include diagnostic functions, processing parameter controls, and other special functions for efficient processing. At a sharp corner, the power and feed-rate are artfully choreographed to optimize performance. Thermal loading is controlled when cutting thin material: the gap between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface is held constant during extreme speeds. Additionally, the FANUC laser package can simultaneously control up to six axes to enable highly efficient 3-D machining.

There is also an open architecture CNC option to enable the connection of a PC via a serial high-speed optical fiber link - which provides two-way transfer of large volumes of data. This feature allows Machine Tool Builders (MTBs) to customize machines to suit individual end user demands.

As a subsidiary of FANUC LTD., FANUC FA America is the exclusive provider of industry leading FANUC CNC systems and solutions in the Americas. FANUC FA America provides a one-stop shop for comprehensive CNC solutions including industry-leading control systems, a complete range of reliable drives and motors and CO² laser solutions. FANUC FA America also offers world-class engineering support, genuine FANUC parts, repair and factory automation solutions and training programs.

For more information, visit us at FABTECH, Booth #2353 or contact FANUC FA America, 1800 Lakewood Blvd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60192, phone: 1-888 FANUC US (888-326-8287), e-mail:, website:

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