Laser Cutting Machine offers material handling option.

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Designed for automated production, Model TC L 2510 includes hydraulic transport cart for loading and/or unloading material onto and from machine. Different stations, each with capacity of 6,600 lb, may be loaded with variety of material sizes up to 4 x 10 ft. Pallets are transferred to machine and accessed by integrated sheet loading system. Pedestal system is integrated with machine and works directly from machine control.

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New Loading Options Increase TC L 2510 Capacity for Unattended Operation

FARMINGTON, Conn., November 9, 2005 - A new material handling option increases the capacity of the TC L 2510 laser cutting machine to run unattended. The TC L 2510 high-speed laser cutting machine with integrated, compact load and unload capabilities, was designed specifically for automated production. Now, TRUMPF has designed a new hydraulic transport cart for loading and/or unloading different material types and thicknesses onto and from the TC L 2510.

The new material handling option further increases the machine's capacity to run unattended. Different stations, each with an individual capacity of 6,600 pounds, may be loaded with a variety of material sizes (up to 4 by 10 feet). The pallets are transferred to the machine and accessed by the integrated sheet loading system of the TC L 2510. The pedestal system is integrated with the machine and works directly from
the machine control. A production planner screen on the control allows the user to define the sequence of the jobs to be run.

Additional pedestals can be added to the line to increase the amount or type of raw material available to the machine. Also, a cart and pedestals matching the loading positions can be added to the unload side of the machine.

About the TC L 2510 Laser Cutting Machine
The TC L 2510 combines a load and unload device with a high-speed laser cutting machine. A rapid in-line load and unload device takes care of all material handling tasks and eliminates the need for a traditional pallet changer. All of the TC L 2510 components, including the new TRUMPF TCF 1 laser resonator, were designed to offer users a cost effective option for automated laser production.

The machine achieves optimal results in thin gauge material up to half inch-thick carbon steel. The flying optic design achieves high processing speeds and consistent accuracy independent of material weight. Optimal cut consistency is assured by integral mounting of the laser resonator to the machine frame.

The integrated material handling system reduces manual labor requirements and frees up the operator to concentrate on other tasks or operate another machine.

The TCF 1 laser resonator combines the radio-frequency technology of TRUMPF's TLF CO2 laser series, which has been proven repeatedly in tough, everyday industrial environments, with new diffusion-cooling technology. This innovative resonator concept allows for an extremely rigid and compact design with very high beam quality.

The TC L 2510 also comes standard with TRUMPF's advanced laser cutting features, including Autolas plus programmable focus control, APC advanced process control, SprintLas pierce-on-the-fly, and Nitrojet high pressure cutting.

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology. Additional company information is available at:

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