Laser Cutting Machine handles large sheet sizes.

Press Release Summary:

TCL 4050 high-speed 5,000 W laser cutting machine for larger sheet sizes has working area of 80 x 160 in.
Pierce control system monitors and adjusts pierce parameters to improve hole quality and reduce pierce time. SortMaster modular automation system assists flat sheet laser cutting processes and enables fully automated production including stored raw material, stacked finished parts, and skeleton disposal.

Original Press Release:

TRUMPF Introduces New Laser Cutting Machine, Pierce Control Feature, Laser Automation System

TRUMPF recently introduced to the North American market a new high-speed laser cutting machine for larger sheet sizes. The TCL 4050 offers the same speed and productivity advantages as the
smaller 5-by-10-foot, 5,000-watt TCL 3050, but with an expanded working area of 80 by 160 inches.

In addition, a new productivity-enhancing feature from TRUMPF
improves pierce time and quality, and is now standard on TRUMPF's TCL 3050 and TCL 4050 5,000-watt laser cutting machines. The pierce control system (PCS) continuously monitors and adjusts pierce parameters in real-time to improve pierce hole quality and reduce pierce time.

TRUMPF has also introduced a new modular automation system, the
SortMaster, to assist flat sheet laser cutting processes. The
SortMaster enables fully automated production from stored raw material to stacked finished parts, and even skeleton disposal. The system also ensures the highest degree of process reliability throughout the entire run.

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