Laser Cutting Machine features improved "beam on" time.

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TC L 2530 Plus 4 x 8 ft cutting machine has Sprint Axis motion system that provides acceleration up to 1 g and increases productivity up to 40 percent more than company's previous machine. Sprint Axis has working range of 3.9 in. and is synchronized with movements of Y axis. Software evaluates geometry of each part and determines most efficient way to process job. It has 98 x 49 in. working area, quick-change cutting heads, and Siemens 840D PC-based controller.

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The Trumatic L 2530 Plus: New Technology Improves Laser Cutting Machine's Productive "Beam On" Time

FARMINGTON, Conn., August 8, 2002 - At FABTECH 2002, TRUMPF will demonstrate new laser cutting technology that substantially increases production by improving the percentage of "beam on" time. Designed at the TRUMPF Inc. laser research laboratory in Connecticut, this innovative Sprint Axis motion technology allows the laser machine to achieve rapid acceleration rates that improve laser cutting productivity.

The Sprint Axis is integrated into TRUMPF's compact 4-by-8-foot laser cutting machine, now called the TC L 2530 Plus. The new machine combines all of the speed, flexibility, accuracy and other advantages of the original TC L 2530 with the added benefits of the Sprint Axis.

"The TC L 2530 Plus and its new motion system offer manufacturers a clever and economical way to speed up production," says Dan Robinson, laser product group manager for TRUMPF Inc.

The TC L 2530 Plus boasts acceleration rates of up to 1g (390 inches per second²) and demonstrates productivity increases of up to 40 percent, depending on the material, geometry of the part, and cutting speed. The lightweight design of the Sprint Axis, a small, independently-operating axis, allows the laser cutting head to accelerate and decelerate faster. These rapid acceleration rates improve part cycle time and increase productivity.

The Sprint Axis has a movable working range of 3.9 inches and is synchronized with the movements of a larger Y axis. Software included in the easy-to-use control automatically evaluates the geometry of each part and determines the most efficient way to process the job.

"The performance of TC L 2530 Plus reaches, and exceeds, that of high-speed linear drive machines, which are substantially more expensive," adds Robinson.

The TC L 2530 Plus is equipped with a laser resonator featuring TRUMPF's hallmark "frictionless turbine," a wear-free, maintenance-free compressor and power levels of 2000, 2700, 3200 or 4000 watts. The laser and beam delivery system are integrated into the machine frame for lasting stability and consistent superior cut quality.

The "flying optics" design allows full utilization of machine's acceleration potential, regardless of workpiece weight. Since the workpieces are not moved, machining is scratch-free.

The machine has a 98-by 49-inch working area, while the compact footprint of the machine and standard Automatic Pallet Changer require minimal floor space. Additionally, the following technological advantages continue to make the machine ideal for flexible manufacturing:
o Quick-change cutting heads for fast changeover between jobs
o Autolas® fully-programmable laser beam focus control
o DIAS® capacitive height sensing
o Sprintlas® on-the-fly piercing
o Plasma Sensing System for real-time cut control
o A capable and user-friendly Siemens 840D PC-based controller
o A comprehensive material processing database for flexibility

"Cost-effective manufacturing is more critical now than ever before," says Robinson, "This machine provides fabricators with a clever new design solution to the age-old dilemma of how to increase production without increasing overhead."

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology.
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