Laser Cutting Head facilitates unattended operation.

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FASTLaser Model LH1575 utilizes Flow Accelerated Screen Technology, which delivers optimum gas flow directly to cut zone, consistently matching beam width and gas flow geometry. FAST technology also minimizes sensitivity to common plate fabricating conditions and variables such as plate chemistry and plate condition. Cutting head offers no-tool lens change and focal length change of 5.0-7.5 in. Lens is gas-cooled, while laser head and nozzle are water-cooled.

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FASTLaser Heads Support Hypertherm's Leadership Position in Multi-Technology Thermal Cutting

Hanover, NH, USA - With the release of its second FASTLaser cutting head, Hypertherm, Inc. has continued its commitment to providing its OEMs worldwide with the latest advances in CO2 laser-plate cutting technology. The new LH1575 is designed to make any laser cutting system more capable, offering expanded cut capacity and cut quality with a minimum 10-20% increase in cut speeds on thick mild steel. LH-series heads are designed for high-volume fabricators seeking greater unattended operations as well as for smaller job shops wishing to expand the performance of laser.

FASTLaser (Flow Accelerated Screen Technology), first released in 2003, is a major advancement in laser-plate cutting technology. The patented Hypertherm process delivers optimal gas flow directly to the cut zone, consistently matching beam width and gas flow geometry. It also reduces sensitivity to common plate fabricating conditions and variables like plate chemistry and plate condition. Metal fabricators can expect increased output, reduced operating costs and reduced waste.

The LH1575 FASTLaser cutting head delivers significant increases in cut speed over standard CO2 laser heads on plate steel. It also expands the capacity and quality range of laser-plate cutting systems. FASTLasefs combined benefits produce substantial gains in productivity and unattended operation potential for dedicated laser-plate systems whether integrated or retrofitted.

"No tools" quick lens change and quick focal-length change (between 5.0 and 7.5 inches) are versatile performance features of the LH1575. The lens is gas cooled; laser head and nozzle are water cooled. LH-series heads are available with optional pre-centered optics and top-mount spring collision protection.

Hypertherm also offers its OEMs an optional integrated Mariner CMC controller with onboard FASTLaser process intelligence. When coupled to process-monitoring optics, standard on both LH-series cutting heads, Mariner with FASTLaser delivers improved overall control of the cutting process with fewer system faults and reduced operator involvement. Dynamic Pierce Control (DPC) automatically senses and controls fine piercing to minimize pierce times. It initiates each cut once the pierce is complete. These combined capabilities maximize uptime while minimizing total cycle time.

Since 1968, Hypertherm has been the industry leader in plasma arc cutting equipment and service. Now, with its entry into the laser-plate cutting market, Hypertherm expands its technology leadership commitment. By continually delivering breakthrough advances in metal-cutting productivity and precision -first in plasma, now also in laser-Hypertherm reaffirms and extends its position as the world's leading supplier of advanced high temperature metal cutting technology. Hypertherm serves a wide range of industrial metal cutting needs from its headquarters in Hanover, New Hampshire, with subsidiaries, sales offices and partner representation worldwide.

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