Laser Controller acquires all necessary analog signals.

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LCON series Configurable System-on-a Chip (CSoC) laser controller acquires optical power, reflected power, temperature, and laser diode current signals. It can process and react to data in less than 5 µs, resulting in 200 kHz response rate. With reconfigurable hardware and firmware, series has system memory capacity with 2 MB FLASH, 8 MB SDRAM, and 8 KB EPROM. Adaptive TEC temperature control provides stable laser temperature.

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High Speed Laser Controller Optimizes All Aspects of Laser Control

West Bridgewater, MA September 2002.Photronic Devices introduces their new, LCON series of high-speed laser controllers with applications for Optical Systems, Optical Amplifiers, Dedicated Laser Control and Laser/Optical Fiber Amplifier Test.

The LCON series of laser controllers can be optimized for all aspects of laser control and is a Configurable System-on-a Chip (CSoC) laser controller. It acquires all necessary analog signals, including optical power, reflected power, temperature, laser diode current, and more. These controllers have the capability to process and react to data in less than 5us, resulting in up to a 200 KHz response rate in a typical Automatic Gain Control (AGC) loop. The controllers are easily tailored to meet a customer's specific needs. The LCON series is designed for easy integration into many different styles of optical amplifiers, as well as custom OEM design.

With reconfigurable hardware and firmware, this series of laser controllers offers high performance and flexible application firmware. The controllers have a large system memory capacity with 2MB FLASH, 8MB SDRAM and 8KB EPROM. The adaptive TEC temperature control provides very stable laser temperature.

The LCON series also offers fast programmable transient response in channel add/drop applications. The high speed pre-scale PGA, for added flexibility and increased dynamic range of input signals, maintains a 2.5MHZ, 20-bit conversion rate.

These high-speed laser controllers offer high performance loop bandwidth in AGC mode, up to 200 kHz, a fast alarm response and fast mode shifts up to 500usec. Remote access is possible with an RS-232 serial interface of up to 38.4K baud. Software settable limits will monitor laser performance and predict failure.

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Photronic Devices bridges the gap between electronics and photonics with innovative, leading edge electronic systems and products. Photronic Devices specializes in compact custom designs that integrate high-speed electronics with optics for networking, telecom, datacom, and research and development. Photronic Devices' solutions lower the cost of ownership and address fundamental engineering design limitations for photonic applications. With strategic international partners, Photronic Devices has jointly developed products for photonic applications helping customers to meet their time-to-market requirements cost effectively.

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