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Laser Calibration Analysis Software offers error compensation.

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Mar 07, 2014 - Compatible with ML10, XL-80, and XR20-W laser calibration systems, XCal-View lets user select, edit, and format data in variety of graph formats. Generic error compensation allows assessment of machine errors and creation of linear compensation files, while zero-point shifting function allows data to be offset so that effective "0" position is different from one used for data capture. Data can be transferred to other programs such as MS Excel, and PDF reports can be generated and printed.

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New Laser Calibration Analysis Software Adds Functionality, Friendliness and Flexibility

Press release date: Mar 01, 2014

XCal-View offers a simple, powerful tool to select, customize and manage captured data. Upgraded Error Compensation function now allows error assessment and creation of compensation files.

Renishaw’s new XCal-View software brings an updated look, increased functionality and greater flexibility to laser calibration data analysis. The software is the first part of a planned suite of new software covering data capture, analysis and error compensation. It is compatible with Renishaw’s ML10, XL-80 and XR20-W rotary axis laser calibration systems, and features a new, simplified interface that allows users to select, edit and format data in a variety of graph formats. The software’s improved generic error compensation function now allows assessment of machine errors and creation of linear compensation files. The software’s compare function overlays multiple data sets on the same screen, especially useful when monitoring the effect of mechanical and servo adjustments or comparing different types of data sets, such as linear and yaw errors. The generic error compensation function uses a simple “profile” entry screen for fast generation of data values with a graphical display of expected compensated performance overlaid on the original test data.

A zero-point shifting function allows the data to be offset so that the effective “0” position is different from the one used for data capture, an essential feature for users carrying out error compenstation of rotary axes. All graphs, statistics and data are quickly and easily transferred to many popular programs, including Microsoft® Excel and most email programs. PDF reports can also be generated and printed from within the XCal-View software.

The software supports linear, angular (including rotary), straightness, squareness, linear parallelism and angular parallelism measurements. It automatically detects any unsupported file types and opens the previous analysis module where appropriate.

A 30-day free trial of the XCal-View software is available for download at the Renishaw website ( New users who do not have the previous analysis module can also download it from the Renishaw website at no cost.

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