Laser Americas Releases New 3D CO2 Laser Cutting System

Press Release Summary:

Laser Americas has released a new 3D CO2 laser cutting system. This product is fully customizable and is able to cut organic materials, and can up to 600 watts of power cut through an inch of thick acrylic material. The new laser cutting system features linear motors, 3D head assembly, and beveled edges. 

Original Press Release:

New 3D CO2 Cutting System - Cut Acrylic With Beveled Edges= Ideal for Display Industry

Laser Americas is proud to introduce an industry first: A 3D CO2 laser cutting system. This CO2 plastics cutting system is a 5 axis system capable of doing beveled cuts at up to a 60° angle. With up to 600 Watts of power this CO2 laser cutting system can power through more than an inch thick acrylic quickly and leaves a smooth glass like edge. This system is available both Class I enclosed or Class 4 open with sensors and light curtains, ideal for the retail display and sign industries.

The system is fully customizable with a variety of configurations on laser power and material handling capabilities. Able to cut many plastics, wood, leather and other organics, the CO2 cutting system has flexibility to adapt to nearly any cutting application. With advanced software and a simple to use CAD / CAM interface complex profiles and nesting is a snap. Dual pallet exchangers are available as an option. High speed, tight tolerances and fine resolution reduces material waste and maximizes production throughput. 

This CO2 cutting system comes equipped with linear motors, which have a higher acceleration profile, no backlash, and a fraction of the wear and maintenance of ball screw motor assemblies. An additional advantage of linear motors is very high accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. With a unique 3D head assembly, dynamic beveled edges can yield complex shapes while leaving a glass like edge, which doesn’t require any post process sanding, or polishing. Unlike most CO2 laser heads, ours is a sealed ceramic tube which doesn’t require regular refilling.

This plastics cutting 3D system is very competitively priced with 300 Watt systems available starting at $300,000. Contact Laser Americas for a consultation and a quote

Laser Americas has over three decades of experience in laser cutting, marking, and welding systems. We will make certain that the system a customer buys meets the customer’s application, and expectations. Laser Americas will always remain focused on our customers and point them in the right direction.

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