Laser Ablation System features beam homogenizing optics.

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As flexible analytical tool for range of materials, UP193-FX 193 nm short-pulse excimer laser ablation system is suited for bulk or micro-feature analysis and includes 13 pre-calibrated spot sizes with constant fluence. Use results in consistently smaller aerosol particles from all materials for optimal ionization and crater quality as well as minimal fractionation. System offers fully homogenized beam, wavelength coupling to ICP-MS, and up to 4 GW/cm² irradiance at sample.

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New Wave Research, Inc. Introduces UP193-FX, A 193-nm Fast Excimer Laser Ablation System

Fremont, Calif., February 25, 2007 - New Wave Research, Inc. introduces the UP193-FX, a 193-nm, short-pulse excimer laser ablation system that answers demands for higher performance at lower operating cost. The UP193-FX features a fully homogenized beam, unmatched wavelength coupling to the ICP-MS and up to 4 GW/cm² irradiance at the sample. The result is consistently smaller aerosol particles from all material for maximized ionization, minimal fractionation and unmatched crater quality.

Dramatically more compact than competing systems, the UP193-FX is a superior and flexible analytical tool for materials including: gels, liquids, quartz, biological tissues, organics, plastics, ceramics, paint and glass. It also produces superior results on metals via its shorter pulsewidth over conventional excimer lasers and is ideally suited for bulk or micro-feature analysis. Applications include geochemistry, fundamentals, forensics, mining, gemology, environmental sciences, archeology, pharmaceutical and health sciences.

"The UP193-FX is a prime example of New Wave Research, Inc.'s commitment to customer-driven innovation - a commitment that's yielded NWR the largest installed base of laser ablation systems worldwide," said Mantreh Nournia, product manager with New Wave Research. "Our customers and partners are looking for greater ICP and ICP-MS wavelength coupling efficiency at the lowest cost of ownership. We're proud to say the UP193-FX meets - and exceeds - these needs on every level."

The UP193-FX also features thirteen pre-calibrated spot sizes with constant fluence.
A proprietary beam delivery design with beam homogenizing optics further ensures flat, uniform craters. The laser can be operated in a constant energy mode to ensure minimal energy drift over long ablation runs. An optional optical attenuator achieves uniform ablation at very low energy levels, with improved laser stability, for delicate samples. This strategy maximizes sampling efficiency using a simpler more robust design for improved reliability and cost of ownership.

The UP193-FX is compatible with all commercially available ICP mass spectrometers.
Further, its industry-leading software platform - a hallmark of all New Wave Research laser ablation solutions - provides a wide range of ablation functionality including depth profiling, sample mapping and auto-sampling.

The UP193-FX is the latest addition to New Wave Research, Inc.'s diverse portfolio of laser ablation systems. Leading-edge solutions include the UP213, UP266-Macro, UP193-Solid State and UP-XP (Femto Beam Delivery System), providing customers with a full range of solid and liquid sampling systems for ICP and ICP-MS.

The UP193-FX will be on display at Pittcon booth #3707, February 25 through March 1, in Chicago, IL.

Established in 1990, New Wave Research, Inc. is a global leader in the development of high-quality lasers and laser-based systems for the microelectronics and analytical instrumentation industries. The company manufactures lasers and laser systems for wafer scribing, flat-panel display repair, semiconductor failure analysis, micromachining, particle image velocimetry (PIV), laser ablation/solid sampling for ICP/ICP-MS, laser-induced-breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and general-purpose lasers for OEM and scientific applications. For more information, contact New Wave Research, Inc., 48660 Kato Rd., Fremont, CA 94538,, (510) 249-1550. Web:

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