Largest Selection Of Workholding Grippers Answer Expanding Demands

Soft synthetic materials and plastics...hard alloys and exotic metals...intricate shapes and contours of castings and forgings...higher spindle RPMs and centrifugal forces...greater depths of cut and increased stock removal rates...machines that multi-task. An ever growing list of demands on workholding and positioning components, and why Fairlane Products (Fraser, MI) manufactures and offers the widest selection of workholding serrated grippers, materials and options available to machine shops, fabricators, MRO operations and assembly operations.

The variety of grippers, including rest pad options for locating workpieces, includes 142 configurations of Fairlane's Swivots® swivel/pivot/rotational rest pads and grippers, over 220 styles and sizes of hardened high speed tool steel grippers, 66 variations of carbide tipped components, 52 different solid carbide grips, and in excess of 130 adjustable grippers and rest pad designs.

Among the options within the Swivots are replaceable ball or replaceable pad styles, three types of housings for mounting to fixtures, sizes in inches or true metric, and pad/gripper materials including smooth solid carbide or carbide tipped, hardened steel and Delrin® for rest pads; or tool steel, carbide tipped or solid carbide for grippers. Grippers can have super fine, extra fine, fine, coarse, or single point pitches and either diamond or straight serration pattern. Swivots are ideal for irregular shaped workpieces, parts with size variations and workpieces having concave or convex surfaces.

The high-speed tool steel grippers are manufactured from M2 H.S.S. and hardened to Rc 60-62 with a black oxide finish. They are available with a tapped hole, a counter-bored hole, or an O.D. flat for mounting options, with single point, diamond or straight serrations as well as super-fine, extra-fine, fine and coarse tooth pitches. Shapes include round, square and angle grip while the extensive size selection includes inch and metric units. Fairlane also offers over 65 styles of edge grippers with diamond or straight serrations and multiple height adjustable options. Edge grippers feature a sleek shape for use in low-profile fixtures and milling vises where gripping surface areas may be restricted.

Carbide tipped grippers are available in 35 inch and 31 metric size choices with round, square, and angle shapes with diamond serrations only (straight and angular also available with angle grips). Metric selection also offers three styles of position adjustable grippers with hex head or socket set screw type configurations.

The solid carbide grippers from Fairlane are in two styles-as thin pads that can be brazed into pockets, or as thicker inserts with a tapped hole or a machined O.D. flat for mounting. The 26 pad options include super fine, extra-fine and fine, 4-point and straight. The thin pads are for applications where limited access space, or limited fixture travel makes loading, unloading and secure holding difficult.

The solid carbide inserts feature round and square shapes, as well as an angle-grip design. There are also 26 different configurations of inserts offered, with similar serration patterns along with angular.

There are also over 130 adjustable style grippers in inch and metric sizes and threads, and with hex head or internal hex socket/set screw type design. Basic diamond shape serrations are offered in fine, extra-fine and 4-point pitches. The adjustability allows users the versatility to fine tune heights/positions to maximize holding strength and accuracy.

In addition to the full range of gripper housings, inserts, and rest pads, including Swivots positioners, Fairlane Products manufactures a broad spectrum of workholding and positioning components for material handling, assembly and manufacturing
operations. Among these are Quick-Release Ball Lock Pins, and Accu-Thrust(TM) straight-line thrust screws. Rollers, including its DurasoftTM products, and bumpers come in a variety of durometers, materials, styles and mounting options.

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Fairlane Products manufactures and offers the widest range of gripper styles and rest pads for workpiece fixturing and holding available-with over 600 size, inch or metric, serration pattern and pitch, material options and Swivots® configurations for grippers, plus more than 55 size and material options for smooth rest pads.

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