Large Torque Limiters handle torque up to 50,000 Nm.

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Available in models capable of handling up to 37,000 foot-pounds (50,000 Nm) of torque, Torque Limiters protect drive trains, gearboxes, and generators from excessive peak loads, minimize risk of breakdowns, and help extend system life. Features include factory preset torque and max bore sizes up to 5½ in. or 140 mm with or without keyway. Operational from -40 to +80°C, maintenance-free products are available in custom designs for all OEM applications.

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Zero-Max Offers Very Large Torque Limiters Capable of Handling Torque Up to 50,000 Nm -- Custom Designs Available for OEM Applications

Plymouth, Minnesota: Zero-Max, Inc., an ISO 9001:2008 certified design and manufacturing company, announces expansion of its Torque Limiter product line to include very large models for handling up to 37,000 foot pounds or 50,000 Newton meters of torque.

These very large Zero-Max Torque Limiters are designed to protect drive trains, gearboxes and generators from excessive peak loads. They minimize the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs while extending the life of a system.

Features include: factory preset torque, maximum bore sizes up to 5-1/2 inches or 140 mm with or without keyway, operates in temperature ranges from -40° to +80°C, simple, and this robust design requires no maintenance.

Custom designed Torque Limiters are available for all OEM applications.

"These very large Torque Limiters are a cost-effective way to protect expensive and complex drive systems from torque overloads," reports Bob Mainz, Zero-Max Sales Manager. "Zero-Max has over 40 years experience providing Torque Limiters for all types and size applications. These include relatively small automated food processing systems to very large wind turbine applications that include life-cycle testing to ensure reliable performance."

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