Large Rotary Table is Last Assembled at Indianapolis Facility

Large Rotary Traveling Table leaving Indianapolis facility

Rusach International, Inc., a manufacturer of high precision machine tool structures; which include rotary tables and pallet shuttle systems, spent the last thirteen months producing one of its larger rotary tables. The table weighed in excess of 65,000 pounds and measured 25’ x 8.5’ x 6’.  By the middle of June it left the Indianapolis dock as the last unit assembled.  Rusach International, Inc. immediately began preparations for the next venture, relocating the plant and offices to Hope, Indiana.  The demand for such customized products had created the need for additional space in order to accommodate future endeavors of this scale. 

In 2012, Owner and President Rudi Sachs began searching for a larger facility that would enable Rusach International, Inc. to engineer and assemble even larger systems.  Mr. Sachs was lead to Hope where he found a 30,000 square foot abandoned building which formerly housed a steel mill.  Hope is forty-five miles South of Indianapolis off of State Road 9.  The move would be an undertaking; however it was not a chore Rusach was not accustomed to.  Rusach International, Inc. had made the move once before in order to have capacity for the needs of consumers.

In February of this year administrators set forth plans to begin renovations with a newly designed layout in the Hope factory and offices.  The remodel took four months in order to prepare the facility where Rusach International, Inc. would call home.  On June 11, 2013 the company along with all of the employees coordinated their efforts and set up in the new facility.

On July 1, 2013 Rusach International, Inc. began full production in Hope, Indiana.  Within a short period of time the completion of the largest system to date will be the first to load onto the dock.


Rudi Sachs

Rusach International, Inc.



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