Large Format Scanners handle drawings up to 40 in.

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Contex Chameleon Premier 36 in. monochrome scanner, Contex Crystal TX 40 in. mononchrome scanner with color capabilities, and Contex Chroma TX 40 in. color scanner let A/E/C, GIS, and reprographics users scan in large format drawings at speeds up to 8.0 ips. Scanners work with company's on-line conferencing service, which allows users to see drawing, collaborate, and conference online. Raster images can be viewed and edited online.

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IDEAL'S New Faster Scanners Complement Its New Online Conferencing Service

May 9, 2002, Rockville, MD - introduces new, faster large format scanners that complement its new Online Conferencing Service. The A/E/C, GIS, and Reprographics communities can now scan in their large format drawings at 8.0 inches per second, and collaborate and conference online any edits that need to made in real-time. "We simplify the process of scanning, indexing, editing, and conferencing by getting everyone on the same drawing at the same time," states Jay Magenheim, president of, located in Rockville, MD. IDEAL's new, faster scanners include the IDEAL/Contex Chameleon Premier 36" Monochrome Scanner, the IDEAL/Contex Crystal TX 40" Mononchrome Scanner with Color Capabilities and the IDEAL/Contex Chroma TX 40" Color Scanner All of these scanners incorporate the latest in imaging technology for high quality scanning. The scanned raster images can be viewed and edited online with the entire project team on the same drawing.

The IDEAL/Contex Chameleon Premier is a 36" wide production-oriented scanner designed for the CAD, A/E/C, GIS, In-House Repro, and Document Archive markets. It scans a typical E-Size drawing at 3.0 inches per second at 200 dpi. Use with IDEAL's RasterID for scanning drawings and automatically indexing title block information for easy retrieval. With the new IDEAL/Contex Chameleon Premier you now have the ability to align, stitch, and calibrate in 5 minutes using a single calibration sheet. This scanner supports USB for plug and play connectivity.

The IDEAL/Contex Crystal TX 40" scanner is designed to give professionals the best in high speed monochrome scanning and designed to handle occasional color scanning for special jobs. The scanner's 40" image area handles large format engineering drawings, architectural sketches, blueprints, sepias, detailed maps, drawings, and large color posters. It can scan a typical E-Size monochrome drawing at 8.0 inches per second at 200 dpi. Used with IDEAL's award-winning ScanOS software, users can scan and single-field index both color and monochrome images This scanner creates images in photo-realistic colors, high-quality grayscale and crisp, clear black and white. Sporting both an ultra-fast SCSI connection and a FireWire connection, this scanner has all-wheel drive with contour adjustment and handles thick originals up to 0.6".

The IDEAL/Contex Chroma TX 40" Wide Color Scanner is the fastest color scanner on the market and is designed for professionals in the CAD, A/E/C, GIS, In-House Repro, Sign, Pre-press, Copy, POP and Display markets. This scanner supports multiple applications, provides color accuracy and high performance scanning. It scans a typical E-Size Color Drawing at 3.0 inches per second at 200 dpi. The Chroma TX features both an ultra-fast SCSI connection and a FireWire connection.

All new IDEAL/Contex scanner models incorporate the proprietary 3C Maintenance System that keeps the cameras perfectly aligned, adjusted and calibrated for optimal performance and quality. IDEAL/Contex scanners are an integral part of IDEAL's scanning, indexing, editing and conferencing solutions, which include RasterID, intelligent title block contents recognition software with built-in, break-through OCR technology, automatically extracts title block information from scanned drawings to an archive database; WiseImage, intelligent raster editing software package that allows you to edit drawings in raster with the same ease as editing a CAD file; IntraSCAN provides instant network access of scanned drawings; and IntraNETIX where you can archive, search, retrieve, and view large format drawings on a company intranet or a secure, password protected internet. Collaborate and edit large format drawings in real-time with IDEAL's Online Conferencing Service. develops, markets, and supports a wide range of color and monochrome scanning solutions for large format drawings and technical documents including Scan to Web, online conferencing and browser-based document management solutions. For more information on IDEAL/Contex scanners and IDEAL's new conferencing service as well as tiff images, please contact Kathy Magenheim at 301-468-0123 ext. 1230 or contact via email at

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