LARC Motors Make the Transition from Linear Back to Rotary!

Applimotion's LARC Series motors now available to greater than 50 inch (1270mm) diameter, with axial heights as low as .4 inch (10mm). As a motor kit, the LARC motors can be integrated into existing mechanical systems to handle large diameters where only low torque is required. The motors can be used as moving coil or moving magnet systems for limited angle or full rotary applications. The motors exhibit zero cogging in an extremely low profile package and have no attractive magnetic force when unergized, great for air bearing systems. They are excellent for precision positioning with the use of a high resolution encoder or for continuous scanning in medical devices, computer component manufacturing or optical inspection.

Applimotion is bringing this technology to new applications by offering custom sizes in 6-8 week lead time, from customer requirements to actual samples in this short period. LARC motors operate from traditional three phase brushless DC or brushless AC drives with speeds ranging from 0.1 to 1000 rpm. Hall Devices are a standard option.

Applimotion, Inc. is located in Loomis, CA. The company's goal is to make unique brushless motors affordable. With expertise in motor design and motion engineering, Applimotion engineers create application specific motors for OEM customers. Whether it's a low volume performance driven application produced in CA, or a high volume value driven off shore manufactured motor, Applimotion has a solution.

3322 Swetzer Road
Loomis, CA 95650
Contact: Robert Mastromattei

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