Laptop Computers feature completely modular design.

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Based on AMD Opteron(TM) Processor, NextDimension Flextop Computers can be configured in hundreds of combinations of memory, storage, and application-specific I/O for performing compute-intensive applications and storing large amounts of data. Processor-agnostic nature allows processor module to be changed at any point without affecting existing configuration. Processors offer dual-core advantages, AMD virtualization support, and quad-core ready Socket F.

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NextComputing Introduces Processor Modularity on Its Family of Flextop Computers, featuring Next-Generation AMD Opteron(TM) Featured at NXTcomm 07, June 19-21

June 19, 2007

For Immediate Release: June 19, 2007, NextComputing announces an innovative design feature for its NextDimension computer line: processor modularity. NextComputing carries the only line of mobile, completely modular computers on the market. The system will be on display at NXTcomm07, June 19-21 in the AMD corporate booth (#6911) as well as in the UNH-IOL booth (#1226)

The life of a typical mass-produced computer is about 3 years, many parts that are not upgradeable having become obsolete by then. NextComputing's modular line of flextops maximize upgrade opportunities, minimize cost, and use standardized, readily available components. Additionally, NextComputing is one of the only companies incorporating processor upgradeability as a part of the system's overall modular design.

The addition of Next-Generation AMD Opteron(TM) Processors to the NextDimension family illuminates the convenience of processor upgradeability. As an open standards solution, these portable powerhouses can be configured in hundreds of combinations of memory, storage, and application specific I/O. The processor agnostic nature of the NextDimension series allows the system's processor module to be changed at any point without affecting the existing configuration.

NextComputing has closely followed the AMD Opteron(TM) processor roadmap since the inception of the first flextop computer, the NextDimension. Since then, the flexible nature of the growing family of flextops has adapted well to the evolution of Opteron.

NextComputing is incorporating the AMD Opteron(TM) processor Model 2216 HE for Socket F (1207). Utilizing Next-Generation AMD Opteron(TM) processors makes the NextDimension family more capable of performing compute intensive applications, storing large amounts of critical data, and decreasing total cost of ownership. Incorporating energy-efficient DDR2 memory and improved, energy-saving AMD PowerNow! features, AMD's newest processors leverage proven technologies, adding further performance-per-watt advances and improved business capabilities by enhancing efficient dual-core advantages, low-power/high-bandwidth memory, AMD virtualization support, and quad-core ready Socket F (1207).

"NextComputing's NextDimension Evo fills a void in the market, offering a portable high performance computing solution," said Pat Patla, Director, Server/Workstation Marketing, AMD (NYSE: AMD). "The addition of Second-Generation AMD Opteron(TM) processors to an impressive roster of off the shelf components further validates the product as a unique, modular solution for applications which are particularly compute intensive."

Unique to the NextDimension family is high performance portability combined with open standards architecture, and multiple I/O functionality. This feature combination creates the most flexible computing solutions available. From a high end graphics workstation to a portable high-throughput datastreaming appliance, there is a model to fit a multitude of applications that require either small form factor, portability, or both.

"One of the key differentiating factors of the NextDimension family of flextops is flexibility. We feel we have reached the ultimate plateau in modularity with the ability to swap out processor modules regardless of configuration. Any configuration that has been available with the 940 socket Opteron processor is now available with Next-Generation AMD Opteron(TM) Processors. The same will be true once AMD announces Quad-Core Opteron, and when NextComputing announces all future processor options," explains Bob Labadini, President and CTO, NextComputing.

Processor modularity will continue to be a convenience going forward as the company adds new processor offerings to the flextop lineup.

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