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Designed to laminate, slit, and rewind heat-activated or cold-bonded adhesive products,
60 in. heat laminating systems process sheet or roll goods, one or 2 sides at once, including rubber, plastic, foam, textiles, and other medium- or low-density materials. Dual sets of 5 in. dia silicone pinch rollers, with height adjustment control, improve bonding on thin materials and reduce curl on soft materials. Adjustable score cutters, rotating knives, and 3-zone heat drum are standard.

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Improvements to New 60" Heat Laminating Systems from Ttarp Industries Enhance Capability, Safety and Performance

Designed to laminate, slit and rewind heat-activated or cold-bonded adhesive products, new 60-inch heat laminating systems from Ttarp Industries, Inc., Buffalo, New York feature several improvements to enhance capability, safety and performance. Ttarp laminators process sheet or roll goods (one or two sides at once) including rubber, plastic, foam, textiles and other medium or low-density materials. According to Ttarp, the improvements include:
  • Two sets of larger (5-inch diameter) silicone pinch rollers to improve bonding on thin materials and reduce curl on soft materials.
  • Easier-to-use height adjustment control for the pinch rollers.
  • Three-zone heat drum for more accurate, even heating across the web.
  • New light curtain on infeed (optional on outfeed) to meet stricter safety standards.

    Ttarp states that other standard features include adjustable score cutters and rotating knives to cut to desired width, solid-state temperature controls, variable torque control for precise rewind tensioning, 1/2-inch thick aluminum platen for superior heat transfer and thermal efficiency, adjustable DC drive with web speed indicator and a mobile console control for easy operation. A wide range of options are available to accommodate specific needs and applications, the company states.

    For more information and pricing, contact: Ttarp Industries, Inc. 338 Scajaquada St., Buffalo, NY 14221. Phone: 716-894-5613. Fax: 716-894-9568. Toll-Free: 800-871-7596. Email: To download free literature or view a video of the new Ttarp laminating system with enhanced features, visit:

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