Laird to Attend 16th Annual European Microwave Week 2013

Laird, a global technology company, announced it will attend European Microwave Week (EuMW), the largest Microwave and Radio Frequency (RF) tradeshow in Europe. Laird will showcase ECCOSORB® and ECCOSTOCK® products and solutions for wireless and satellite communication, military and aerospace, automotive, medical and RFID markets. EuMW will take place October 8 through 10 in Nuremberg, Germany at the Nürnberg Convention Center. Laird will participate in the exhibition portion of the event and exhibit at booth #140.

Laird will display ECCOSORB® microwave absorbers and ECCOSTOCK® dielectric materials at the show. The microwave absorbers are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference in free space or closed cavity environments. They feature a wide frequency range from 100 MHz up to the millimeter wave with proven applications above 100 GHz available. Laird's low loss dielectrics, ECCOSTOCK®, are lightweight yet rugged, making them ideal for use in antennas, transmission lines, cavity tuning probes, electronic modules and RF/microwave devices. ECCOSORB® and ECCOSTOCK® products are available in both standard and custom formulations.

In the coming weeks, Laird will highlight its ECCOSORB® High Frequency absorbers. As more applications move to higher frequencies, there is a clear demand for this type of absorber in various markets. New measurement and modeling capabilities up to 90 GHz have been developed which enables Laird to better understand and analyse customer problems. These additional capabilities provide the company an excellent opportunity to develop and advise the best solutions for its customers. More information on these new absorbers will be available through industry experts at the Laird booth.

"Attending European Microwave Week provides us an opportunity to promote our company and products to an audience dedicated to the microwave business," said Gust Timmerman, global product director at Laird. "Our ECCOSORB® and ECCOSTOCK® products offer many benefits and EuMW is an excellent platform to showcase our abilities to new and existing customers."

As an industry-leading EMI solutions provider, Laird develops solutions with every available material and form factor. The Company's engineers and scientists constantly invent and perfect new materials, processes and products to solve EMI problems. To learn more about these solutions from industry-leading technical experts in person, visit the Laird booth.

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