Laird Technologies Adds Thermoelectric Assembly Product Line to Digi-Key's Product Training Modules® Series

Training Module Provides Overview of TEA Product Line and Analyzes Heat Transfer Mechanism

St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of customized performance-critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced it has added its Thermoelectric Assembly (TEA) product line to Digi-Key's Product Training Modules (PTM)® series. This training module is available for download in audio and non-audio formats from the Digi-Key Website.

Building on Laird Technologies' previous Thermoelectric Module (TEM) training module, the new TEA module gives an in-depth look at the advantages of using a TEA and why TEAs are incorporated into many thermal management applications. Starting with a standard TEA platform in the initial design stage enables customers' end products to reach the market faster and lowers the product development cost of designing a thermal management solution.

The module examines standard heat transfer mechanisms that use convection, conduction or liquid to absorb and dissipate heat generated in a system. It also explains the various ways the mechanisms can be configured in a TEA. Selection of proper heat exchangers is critical to assure sufficient heat is removed from electronics that are sensitive to high temperatures or temperature swings. Removal of waste heat extends the life of electronics and lowers field maintenance costs by reducing downtime. The module also highlights how TEAs are used in various applications.

The training module also explores the Laird Technologies TEA product portfolio, detailing each TEA series within the product line. These TEAs offer superior cooling performance, compact form factors and high coefficients of performance (COP). Each product family has been uniquely designed for a specific cooling capacity range, temperature differential range or tight space constraint. The training module also offers a product overview on thermostatic and programmable temperature controllers which Laird Technologies designed to drive TEAs in a closed loop system.

As an industry leader in high-performance and cost-effective TEA solutions, Laird Technologies provides the knowledge, innovation and resources to ensure exceptional thermal performance and customer satisfaction for applications in the medical, analytical, telecom, industrial and consumer markets. To learn more about Thermal Management Solutions, visit the company's website at

About Digi-Key Corporation

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About Laird Technologies, Inc.

Laird Technologies designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications.

The company is a global market leader in the design and supply of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal management products, specialty metal products, signal integrity components, and antenna solutions, as well as radio frequency (RF) modules and wireless remote controls and systems.

Custom products are supplied to all sectors of the electronics industry including the handset, telecommunications, data transfer and information technology, automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer, medical, mining, railroad and industrial markets.

Laird Technologies, a unit of Laird PLC, employs over 9,000 employees in more than 46 facilities located in 16 countries.

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