LabVIEW Goes Wireless with T&D

LabVIEW Drivers Released for T&D RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Collectors

CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers and T&D are pleased to announce that National Instruments has recently released LabVIEW drivers for T&D's RTR-500W Wireless Data Collectors. T&D's inclusion in LabVIEW, the industry leading and de facto standard for measurement control software, is the result of increased customer demand. Now T&D is a Certified Plug & Play component for LabVIEW software. LabVIEW users can download the drivers by following the links below:

LabVIEW driver:

LabWindows driver:

T&D RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Logging Systems are widely used across many applications, including transportation and warehousing, food processing and storage, industrial processing and manufacturing, and agriculture. The wireless loggers communicate with a variety of data collectors including handheld, USB, Ethernet and cellular versions. These rugged, weatherproof data loggers are designed for operation in punishing environments with models measuring temperature, humidity, voltage, current and event counting. The recorders act as remote units which capture the data and send their readings to the base stations which wirelessly download all current readings at set intervals, meanwhile monitoring them for alarm warnings which can be sent via email.

The wireless data logging units can transmit data up to 500 ft. away from their base stations when unobstructed indoors, and this range can be extended by simply registering an RTR-500 base station as a Repeater to relay communication between a remote unit and base unit.

Additionally, these data loggers feature email, FTP and web interfaces to view and save current readings and recorded data, present them in graph display, or export them to other programs. Free configuration and setup software is also included with 500 Series base units.

Users can now process and manage critical data anytime from anywhere using T&D's built-in wireless communication capability. The versatile 500 Series features specialized data collectors such as the RTR-500GSM Mobile Base Station with built-in GSM Modem, equipped with GSM cellular phone network capabilities. The station uses SMS messaging to send warning report mails, guaranteeing that owners always stay on top of critical changes. The RTR-500GSM can also periodically and automatically download the data from its remote units. As another option, users can rely on the RTR-500DC Handheld Data Collector to wirelessly collect and check data from remote units, displaying and graphing readings on the built-in display without needing a PC.

At CAS Dataloggers, we have the most comprehensive selection of data logging equipment available anywhere. Our data loggers are used in a broad variety of applications in remote monitoring, in industrial process and manufacturing industries, for automotive and aerospace data collection, in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, environmental monitoring, and more.

For specs and pricing for our T&D temperature and humidity dataloggers, additional wired and wireless data loggers measuring more values, or to find the right solution for your specific project's needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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