Laboratory System screens/characterizes/optimizes reactions.

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MultiMax(TM) and MultiMax ART (Automated Reactor Technology) modular, multi-reactor systems consist of 3 reactor stations which house 2, 4, or 16 reactor positions with working volumes from 1 to 250 mL. Reaction temperatures can be independently controlled from -30 to +180°C. Reactor stations can be operated as stand-alone or automated on MultiMax ART platform. Stand-alone operation utilizes WinRC software for setup of experimental recipe.

Original Press Release:

Multimax(TM) Modular Automated Reaction Optimization System

At the recent Scientific Update Laboratory Automation Exposition in Boston, Mass., METTLER TOLEDO AutoChem introduced the new MultiMax(TM) and MultiMax ART modular, multi-reactor systems which can increase productivity in process research and development. This highly flexible system which was developed to enable organic chemists to select the right combination of experiments and volumes to efficiently screen, characterize and optimize reactions in the lab, consists of three reactor stations which house either 2, 4 or 16 reactor positions with working volumes ranging from 1 mL to 250 mL. Reaction temperatures can be independently controlled from -30 to 180°C and a variety of stirring options are available.

MultiMax reactor stations can be operated stand-alone or automated on the MultiMax ART (Automated Reactor Technology) platform. For stand-alone operation, WinRC software allows easy setup of the experimental recipe. The ART platform uses SMMART technology for automated configuration recognition and WinRC ART software to schedule experiments and increase the efficiency of robotic movements.

For more information about the METTLER TOLEDO AutoChem MultiMax and MultiMax ART systems, call 410/987-3222, FAX: 410/987-2626, visit our web site at MTAutoChem,com, or write METTLER TOLEDO AutoChem, 8223 Cloverleaf Drive, Millersville, MD 21108.

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