Laboratory Dryer helps minimize processing time.

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Along with all-digital time, temperature, and airflow controls, Fluid Bed Drier TG 200 features quick release cover and blower that does not have carbon brushes. Constant flow of warm air in Rapid Dryer TG 200 keeps particles agitated and separate, resulting in gentle and uniform drying process without localized overheating or agglomerations. Loose, thoroughly mixed product is produced within 5-20 min, depending on sample characteristics, quantity, and moisture content.

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Completely Redesigned Laboratory Drier - WORLD PREMIERE

Retsch Inc (Newtown PA) is proud to be able to display for the first time at Pittcon 2006, the completely redesigned Fluid Bed Drier TG 200. This new unit surpasses its proven predecessor both in performance and ease of use. It features all digital controls for time, temperature and air flow, a quick release cover and a new powerful blower without carbon brushes, which provides for a significantly increased drying capacity and up to 25 % more drying temperature. Therefore the processing times for samples are further reduced.

In the Retsch Rapid Dryer TG 200, a constant flow of warm air keeps the particles to be dried agitated and separate. The result is a rapid, gentle and uniform drying process without localized overheating or agglomerations and a loose, thoroughly mixed product. Compared to conventional drying ovens, processing times in the TG 200 range from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the sample characteristics, quantity and moisture content. Therefore the savings in time are considerable and may be up to several hours. The TG 200 features controls for temperature, airflow as well as a timer. Due to a number of different drying containers from 0.3 l to 6 l as well as a choice of exhaust air filtering systems, the drier can easily be adapted to various applications. Typical samples include pharmaceuticals, coal, fertilizers, plants, plastics, soils, and waste. The Raid Dryer can also be used for the quick drying of test sieves or other laboratory items.

Retsch is a global company dedicated to providing novel technologies and high quality tools for the sample preparation of solids used in R&D and QA applications as well as small scale production. For more information about Retsch's complete product line of mills and grinders, sample dividers, sieve shakers and test sieves, please contact us at or phone 1-866-473-8724.

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