Laboratory DAQ Instruments are Ethernet-based.

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Suited for bench-top data acquisition applications, DaqLab/2000(TM) Series is capable of expansion to hundreds of channels. It incorporates 16-bit ADC coupled with Ethernet engine as well as front-panel signal I/O. Expansion channels can be added via DBK boards, and unit offers 16K location scan sequencer. All built-in and expansion channels are scanned up to 200 kHz. Unit includes DaqView(TM) software for data logging, real-time display, and storage to disk.

Original Press Release:

New Ethernet-Based Laboratory Data Acquisition Instruments

New instruments are ideal for bench-top data acquisition applications

CLEVELAND, OH, November 2004-IOtech has announced the new Ethernet-based DaqLab/2000(TM) Series, which provides low-cost, high-speed data acquisition capability for bench-top applications. The DaqLab is 1,000 times faster than most scanning digital multi-meters, and is capable of expansion to 100's of channels.

Built into the DaqLab is a 16-bit/200-kHz A/D converter coupled with an Ethernet engine which allows acquired data to stream continuously into a PC. Signal I/O is on the front panel via removable screw-terminal connectors, and includes 8 voltage inputs, 4 frequency inputs, 4 waveform-capable analog outputs, 2 timer outputs, and 6 digital I/O. Expansion channels can be added to the DaqLab via DBK boards that install into the two built-in slots. If additional I/O is required, any of 30+ DBK options can also be attached, allowing expansion to 100's of analog and digital I/O channels.

Ethernet Connection

The high-speed, built-in Ethernet interface insures that all acquired data flows into the PC in real time, eliminating the need for local data storage or expensive memory options. The most common configuration for a DaqLab is directly attached to a PC-via a point-to-point Ethernet link. In this mode, data transfers will occur at the full 200 K readings per second rate insuring that no data is lost during transfer. The DaqLab can also be attached to an enterprise-wide network, where it is one of many devices on that network. Finally, DaqLab can be accessed wirelessly using any commercially available Ethernet-to-wireless converter, or it can be accessed via the internet.

Channel Scanning Flexibility

The DaqLab offers a 16K location scan sequencer that allows the user to select each channel and associated input amplifier gain at random. All built-in and expansion channels are scanned up to 200 kHz. In addition, the digital and frequency inputs can be scanned using the same scan sequencer employed for analog inputs which enables the time correlation of acquired digital data to acquired analog data. The DaqLab permits each scan group to be repeated immediately or at programmed intervals of up to 6 hours.


Included with the DaqLab is DaqView(TM) software, an Out-of-the-Box(TM) application that is ideal for data logging, real-time display, and storage to disk. No programming is required to begin using the DaqLab and users can be up and running in minutes. Also included is comprehensive support for a wide variety of application development environments, including LabVIEW®, DASYLab®, MATLAB®, ActiveX/COM, and subroutine support for Visual Basic® and C++.


The DaqLab/2001 includes all of the I/O described above, plus DaqView software and drivers for $1,999. The DaqLab/2005 is $1,699 and includes all of the same I/O except analog output. Both products are available from stock. Complete information is available at

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