Laboratory Cutting Boards feature disposable design.

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Available in 3 sizes suitable for biopsies and autopsies, LABboards(TM) Cutting Boards are made from heavy-duty polyethylene coated SBS paperboard and are printed with metric measurements as well as centimeter field grid. Edges can be folded up to contain fluids. Supplied in bulk packs, boards can be thrown out after each use to eliminate surface contamination risks, rinsing, and sanitizing.

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Disposable Laboratory Cutting Boards: Throwing Out The New Isn't That Easy

How much sense does it make to throw out laboratory cutting boards after each use? Not much, even if it does eliminate surface contamination risks and time-consuming rinsing and sanitizing.

A Naples, Florida firm thinks it has found the answer with its patented LABboards(TM) Disposable Laboratory Cutting Boards. LABboards are made from heavy-duty polyethylene coated SBS paperboard and are printed with metric measurements and a centimeter field grid. The edges can be folded up to contain fluids. The best part is they come in bulk packs and at 48¢ each are cheap enough to throw out after each use.

"Now here's the rub", says Gary Wilson, president of SteriLab, Inc. "It's called the Old Dog/New Tricks Syndrome". Wilson reports that as much as LABboards save time, money and risk, it's not an easy sale because tenured lab techs tend to be set in their ways. Some won't even give them a try. "I think it's human nature to resist change, even if it makes life easier", says Wilson. "We noticed this same resistance in 1998 when we introduced Cut & Toss, our foodservice disposable cutting boards. Even after Cut & Toss won The Top Ten New Products Award and appeared on the Today Show in a food safety segment with Katie Couric, it took another five years before they became a staple in America's kitchens."

Most revolutionary products, like computers and cell phones that we now take for granted, had to endure the slow process of becoming universally acquired preferences. LABboards will undoubtedly have to pay those same dues as they become, as Wilson contends, "A must-have in laboratories worldwide."

LABboards come in three sizes suitable for small biopsies to autopsies. SteriLab also manufactures a special LABboards designed specifically for processing donated skin for treating burn victims. For more information visit

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