Labels and Conjugates enable life science research.

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Featuring Molecular Plating, T2-MP EviTags are quantum dot-based, conjugation-ready fluorescent labels available with either amine or carboxyl terminal groups or with non-functional bioactive surface. EviFluors(TM) are ready-to-use, activated quantum dot conjugates coupled to secondary antibodies and other proteins. Physical properties enable creation of research tools and diagnostics for in vivo and in vitro applications.

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Evident Launches Advanced Fluorescent Labels and Conjugates

Products Enable New Life Science Research and Next Generation Diagnostic Testing

TROY, N.Y., July 11 / -- Evident Technologies, Inc., a leader in the development of quantum dot applications and products, today released two next generation products for use in life science applications: T2-MP EviTag(TM) labels and EviFluor(TM) conjugates.

The new T2-MP (Molecular Plated) EviTags are quantum dot-based, conjugation-ready fluorescent labels with a bioactive surface that features Evident's proprietary Molecular Plating(TM) surface technology. The T2-MP EviTags provide improved brightness, photostability, flexibility and sensitivity, and they enable multiplexing. They are available with either amine or carboxyl terminal groups or with a non-functional bioactive surface.

"The new EviTags developed in our Life Science Business Unit offer up to three times the brightness and exhibit extended photostability over our previous versions, which leads to a significant increase in sensitivity," said Clint Ballinger, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Evident. "These and the EviFluors are the first products to be launched from Evident's new business unit structure which is dedicated to the rapid commercialization of quantum dot products in the life science, light emitting diode (LED), security, and military markets."

Evident's new EviFluors are ready-to-use, activated quantum dot conjugates coupled to secondary antibodies and other proteins. They are created from the Company's proprietary Molecular Plated EviDot and EviTag technologies and are available conjugated to secondary antibodies, streptavidin and biotin.

"EviFluors have been recently optimized in immunochemistry and Western Blot applications, demonstrating increased sensitivity that allowed us to study very small amounts of proteins," said Jeffrey Goronkin, Vice President of Evident's Life Science Business Unit. "Their photostability and capacity to enable multiplexing can also reduce the cost of these common assays while providing more data from every test performed."

"These new EviFluors, which are generating great interest because of the advantages of their optical characteristics, help the researcher get better results from current life science applications. Their unique physical properties also enable the creation of new research tools and advanced diagnostics for in vivo and in vitro applications, and we offer licensing opportunities to companies interested in developing next generation diagnostic tests," said Ballinger.

T2-MP EviTags and EviFluors are available immediately with Molecular Plating technology in traditional Cadmium Selenide (CdSe) formulations. They are also available in Evident's proprietary non-cadmium Indium Gallium Phosphide (InGaP) material systems.

"Our InGaP formulations are, to our knowledge, the first commercially available bright, long-lasting non-cadmium quantum dots. Their development was fast-tracked by our company's LED Business Unit but we are also adapting them for use in life sciences and customers across many markets have expressed a growing need for them. We believe these formulations will provide the foundation for future products coming out of our industry," said Ballinger.

EviTag labels are available in colors from Lake Placid Blue (490nm) to Jonamac deep reds (680nm). EviFluor conjugates are available in Adirondack Green (520nm), Fort Orange (600nm), Maple Red-orange (620nm) and Jonamac (680nm), conjugated to commonly used secondary antibodies and other proteins.

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Evident Technologies, Inc., is a leader in quantum dot product development and intellectual property, particularly in the non-cadmium/ non-lead formulations for future applications. Evident is organized into three business units -- Life Sciences, Security and Military Applications, and LEDs/Displays -- and teams with top companies to develop products based on Evident's proprietary quantum dot technology.

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