Labeling Solution meets retailer/DoD RFID requirements.

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Scalable ItemSight(TM) software, bundled with scanner and optional label production systems, converts existing bar code container labels into labels that meet retailers' and Department of Defense (DoD) bar code and RFID product identification requirements. Label production options include AP5.4 and 64xx series printers and ALX print/apply systems. Using printer, Gen 2 RFID-enabled labels and bar coded labels can be produced for application beneath existing container label.

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New Labeling Solution from Avery Dennison Printer Systems Helps Companies Meet Retailer and DoD RFID Requirements

solution consists of scalable ItemSight(TM) software and scanner, plus printer options

PHILADELPHIA-A new labeling solution that helps companies meet major-retailer and Department of Defense (DoD) RFID and bar-code identification requirements is now available from Avery Dennison Printer Systems. The solution consists of new scalable ItemSight(TM) software bundled with a scanner, plus optional label production systems. The label production options include Avery Dennison's AP5.4 and 64xx series printers, and ALX print/apply systems.

The software and scanner, along with optional printers, enable users to convert existing bar code container labels into labels that meet retailers' and DoD bar code and/or RFID product identification requirements.

In operation, a user simply scans the bar code that currently exists on a container. The ItemSight software then converts the bar-code's data to EPC- and DoD-compliant 96-bit formats, such as SGTIN, SSCC96 and DoD96. The converted files can then be electronically transmitted to customers and vendors. With an optional printer, users can produce Gen 2 RFID-enabled labels and bar coded labels for application beneath the existing container label.

For DoD applications, Avery Dennison Printer Systems provides and records pre-encoded labels. The scanner reads the RFID label and logs the carton content. The system then logs the cartons to the pallet. Data is uploaded, quickly and accurately for DoD RFID compliance.

"The solution enables small and mid-size manufacturers and suppliers, especially those with limited IT resources in-house, to comply with today's stringent labeling requirements," reports Dan Williams, marketing manager, Avery Dennison Printer Systems. "The program updates existing carton and labeling information, including manufacturing codes, date codes and SKU numbers, and ensures compliance with 96-bit, Gen 2 standards. Plus, the solution is reasonably priced."

Scalable Program with Database Capabilities

Itemsight can be integrated into a company's existing IT environment, and comes with on-site installation support. The program is scalable to fit user requirements. Companies can start with the basic program and then scale up as production levels increase.

In addition, the program features excellent data-logging and integration capabilities. Users are able to create and save databases that contain the original scanned data and the converted files.


Avery Dennison Printer Systems is a business unit of Avery Dennison's Retail Information Services Division.

Avery Dennison's Retail Information Services Division brings to industry a powerful, global offering of information management, brand identification and solution-enabling products. Brand identification products include fashion-inspired woven and printed fabric labels, heat transfers and embellishments for tag-free labeling, graphic tags, integrated bar code tags, leather and leather-like patches, sock bands, size stickers . . . and more. Among the company's Information management products are RFID and bar code price tickets, and carton and pallet labels; web-enabled order entry systems; and the InfoChain Express(TM) supply chain management solution, which tracks purchase orders and assists users in meeting the US Customs' 24-hour Manifest Mandate. Solution enabling products include RFID printers and print/apply systems, bar-code printers, heat-transfer bonders, molded plastic fastening and application devices, anti-counterfeiting and diversion tools. The organization operates product ID ticketing centers and service bureaus in 35 countries and maintains mature, highly reliable global distribution processes throughout Asia, North and South America, Europe and Africa. Major markets include retail, apparel, softlines and hardgoods.

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