Labeling Machines work on bottles and cylindrical objects.

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BenchMATE, BenchMARK, and BenchMAX machines apply labels, ranging from .375-10.6 in. long and .375-9 in. wide, to cylindrical products with diameters from .4-5.5 in. They apply front and back labels, wraparound labels, and bar codes to exact place on object. While BenchMATE requires manual operation, BenchMARK offers semi-automatic functionality. BenchMAX, equipped with automatic attachment and footswitch, also features photoelectric orientation system.

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START International Begins Sales of Benchmark Bottle Labelers

Addison, TX - May 2006 - START International has added Benchmark Bottle Labelers to their already extensive family of pressure sensitive tape and label dispensers. The BenchMATE, BenchMARK, and BenchMAX labelers are labeling machines made specifically to apply labels to cylindrical products.

The Benchmark Labelers are ideal for round bottles and containers and can be used in every industry from cosmetics to food to pharmaceuticals. Depending on the model, Benchmark machines can apply labels to container diameters ranging from 10 to 140mm (.4 to 5.5 inches). The machines can apply labels ranging from 20 to 270mm (.375 to 10.6 inches) in length and from 20 to 230mm (.375 to 9 inches) in width.

The BenchMATE is the manual, entry-level machine in this family. It is ideal for small volume producers in any industry who want to enhance the presentation of their products with accurately applied labels.

The BenchMARK is a versatile semi-automatic machine that allows operators to simply place their products in the carriage of the machine, lower the lever handle, and have the label automatically applied.

The BenchMAX is the most advanced member of the Benchmark family. This machine boasts an automatic attachment and footswitch, which further automate the labeling process. It features an advanced photoelectric orientation system that ensures perfect placement of labels, batch numbers, barcodes, and all types of primary and secondary labels. Its printer interface allows companies to gain in-house control of printing, which is ideal for those using batch numbers, expiration dates, barcodes, and any other variable data printing. In fact, the label machine comes with firmware set up to work with DataMax printers. This labeling machine also comes standard with the Small Container Adaptor, enabling it to label virtually any size cylindrical product.

The Benchmark machines all have the capability of applying front and back labels, wrap around labels, bar codes, and a variety of shapes and sizes to an exact place on the product. They can apply labels of all media and textures, even transparent and high memory stock labels. They are ideal for virtually any industry, including cosmetics, gourmet food, wine, household products, and pharmaceuticals.

About START International:
START International has been providing taping and labeling solutions to manufacturers around the world since 1981. As an application oriented company, they aim to provide their customers with solutions to their manufacturing problems, as well as ways to improve upon existing processes. For their full line of tape and label dispensers, START offers a Material Evaluation program which ensures dispenser success and customer satisfaction.

For more information: or call 1.800. 259.1986.

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