Label Inspector suits high-volume filling/packaging lines.

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Canalyzer RTLI inline system is located immediately after roll-though labeler. As containers pass through inspection area, at up to 1000 pieces/min, they are checked for label presence, improper gluing, loose labels, and dog-ears. System automatically rejects containers failing basic label application quality parameters of alignment, positioning, and secure-affixing. Stainless steel, electric-powered unit accommodates can sizes from 202 to 603.

Original Press Release:

Label Inspection for Food and Beverage Containers

Care Controls, Inc is introducing a new roll-through label inspector unit for high volume filling and packaging lines. The in-line unit is designed to be located immediately after a roll-through labeler. As containers pass through the inspection area (at a rate of up to 1000 pcs. per minute) they are checked for: label presence (shiners), improper glueing (flappers), loose labels, dog-ears, etc. Bar code reading and optical character recognition may be performed by optional, add-on modules. Using both bar code and OCR modules allows content verification and comparison to label application, thus virtually eliminating the possibility of mislabeled products.

The Canalyzer RTLI is the name of Care Controls, Inc's new label inspection system that automatically rejects containers failing the basic label application quality parameters of alignment, positioning and secure-affixing. Rejected containers are diverted through an integrated "Progressing Door" eject system to an alternate, lower track. Basic units are designed to accommodate standard can sizes from 202 to 603. Custom units may be constructed to handle a wide array of containers (other than metallic cans) such as glass or plastic bottles (with full-coverage or partial labeling).

Care Controls Inc.s new roll-through inspection device is constructed from stainless steel and requires approximately 54" space in length. Units are totally electric-powered (110 VAC input) with no plant air requirement.

Care Controls, Inc. designs and manufactures precision inspection machinery for quality control, safety, security and increased production on packaging and filling lines throughout the food and beverage industry. Distribution is worldwide through authorized representatives.

For technical information, please contact:

Greg Osenbach

Care Controls, Inc.

P.O. Box 12014

Mill Creek, WA 98082 USA

Tel 1-800-593-6050

Fax (425) 745-8934


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