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Label Design Software incorporates Laboratory ID features.

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May 07, 2010 - Offering lab-specific features and functionalities, LabelMark(TM) v5.1 provides various tools for creating labels on PC. Lab-specific label design wizards, data entry tools, and printing capabilities help expedite identification and tracking of patient specimens and samples, while MS Excel application and data entry capabilities reduce label design time. Also included, custom part tool designer lets labs design page and label dimensions to match unique label printing material.

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Brady Releases New Version of Label Design Software with Special Features for Laboratory ID

Press release date: Mar 18, 2010


MILWAUKEE, WI - Brady Worldwide, Inc. has released a new version of its LabelMark(TM) label design software with specific features and functionalities for the laboratory. The new LabelMark(TM) 5.1* Software offers a variety of time-saving tools for creating laboratory labels on a PC, including lab-specific label design wizards, data entry tools and printing capabilities to help expedite the process of identifying and tracking patient specimen and samples.

New MS Excel application and data entry capabilities reduce labs' label design time LabelMark(TM) 5.1 Software features new label design tools that can help labs and healthcare facilities reduce the amount of time it takes to create specimen labels. The software allows lab technicians to manipulate their data in Microsoft Excel, design their labels in Microsoft Excel, and print them directly to a Brady desktop printer or portable label printer. It also features a custom part tool designer which enables labs to design page and label dimensions that match their particular label printing material inside their printer. By designing and printing the labels within one software program, labs can save a significant amount of time in the beginning of the identification process.

Easy-to-use Lab Design Wizards are included with the software that allow lab technicians to visually select label parts to design labels for centrifuge tubes, cryo vials, test tubes, slides, tissue cassettes, well plates, straws and more.

The software's new data entry capabilities help speed up the label design process as well. It is designed as a single application that allows both graphical and fixed line mode label editing. If the label requires only text, lab technicians can simply select the "text entry only" mode, and quickly and easily import, serialize and date/time stamp their labels - without having to apply text boxes to labels in order to simply add text.

User-friendly updates include printer/part pairing function, auto-updates and more In addition to the new design tools, LabelMark(TM) 5.1 Software also offers a variety of navigational and user-friendly improvements that can benefit labs. Technicians have easy access to their "favorites," customs and user-defined template lists, and there is a unique printer/part pairing function that enables labs to associate a printer and label part to indicate an application. For example, if a lab technician prefers to always print THT-144 label parts with a Brady IP 300 printer, the technician could use the software to create a pairing for the printer and material. From then on, the Brady IP 300 printer would then be automatically selected as the default printer whenever the technician prints a label on the THT-144 label parts.

The software's new activation and auto-updater function alerts users of new patches, parts and available templates. The application automatically looks for updates when the software is opened, and prompts the user to download and install these updates via the internet.

LabelMark 5 Standard CD ROM retails for $219.00 and LabelMark 5 Professional CD ROM for $379. Volume licenses are in place for multiple PC/laptop installs. Two copies of LabelMark 5 Standard are available for $350.00.

For more information about LabelMark(TM) 5.1 Software for laboratory identification, visit

*LabelMark 5.1 will be available to order on April 2nd, 2010.

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