Label Design and Printing Software has RFID capabilities.

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LABEL MATRIX® v8 facilitates bar code design and RFID label programming to meet various compliance standards. Able to print HF and UHF RFID labels, program supports 175 printer drivers in addition to any Windows-compatible printer/applicator. It also supports read/write printers. Graphical tag images can be made to appear as watermarks on label design screen, and other features include text art tools, single-label layout design backgrounds, and SQL Query Builder.

Original Press Release:

TEKLYNX Debuts LABEL MATRIX 8 Label Design Software with New RFID Capabilities

Simple interface makes it easy for users to design bar codes and program RFID labels to meet compliance standards in any industry...

MILWAUKEE - Sept. 26, 2006 - TEKLYNX® International, the world's leading developer of software products for the AIDC marketplace, today announced LABEL MATRIX® 8 label design and printing software. The new version of LABEL MATRIX offers an easy-to-use interface, new features for RFID applications and enhanced label design capabilities. The latest version also offers support for over 175 new printer drivers in addition to virtually any Windows-compatible printer and printer/applicator.

LABEL MATRIX - Advanced RFID capabilities

LABEL MATRIX makes it easy to program and print both HF and UHF RFID labels, including tags to meet EPC, major retailer and DoD compliance standards. It also supports Read/Write printers so the unique identifier on each RFID tag can be logged and verified during printing. LABEL MATRIX can also display graphical tag images to appear as watermarks on the label design screen in order to protect against overprinting and damaging RFID tags.

In addition to RFID label standards, LABEL MATRIX supports virtually all compliance standards including HIPAA, CFR Part 11, AIAG, and the Sunrise Initiative. New printer drivers can be downloaded through the TEKLYNX Driver Service Pack (DSP) site ( at no charge as new printer models become available in the market.

"LABEL MATRIX 8 delivers the power of full-featured RFID programming and bar code label design software with an easy-to-use interface," commented Brian Gmach, TEKLYNX label design product marketing manager. "Its helpful design and database connection wizards allow users to quickly and easily encode RFID tags, meet compliance standards in any industry, and effortlessly integrate with other systems for automated label printing."

LABEL MATRIX 8 adds new features

TextArt - Offers a full complement of text art features, including shaped text with user-definable sweep angles, rotated characters, and new text fill, outline and shadow options.

Label Backgrounds - Single-label layout designs can be saved as label backgrounds and serve as a "base layer" outline to make the label design process easier. LABEL MATRIX also supports round label formats which are useful for DVD/CD labels.

Live Print Preview - Allows users to see how label designs will look when they are printed, including "live" variable data in any Keyboard and Database origin images. For labels that contain Keyboard Input data or data from a Keyed Access database, the Print Preview data input screens allow users to select the data/records that appear in the preview.

Bundle Save - Users have the option to save a label design and any external files used by that design to a single folder. This gives the freedom to quickly port label designs and related files to another workstation.

Expansion Variables - Creating an expansion variable "shortcut" allows users to assign names to value functions, and use the names any place a value or function within an expression would normally be used. This reduces the size of large expressions with significant amounts of repeating code.

SQL Query Builder - Enables users who are not familiar with the required SQL syntax to create customized SQL statements.

LABEL MATRIX 8 design software is available in three versions: LABEL MATRIX QuickDraw, a single-user program for basic label design tasks; LABEL MATRIX, a full-function networkable design system for high-volume label printing; and LABEL MATRIX PowerPro, a full-featured networkable label designer offering advanced data integration capabilities.

LABEL MATRIX 8 is available immediately from authorized TEKLYNX resellers. Free demos of LABEL MATRIX 8 are available for download from the Download Center on the Web site.


TEKLYNX International is the leading software developer of AIDC products including software for label design, host connectivity, and data collection. Its software products feature the widest range of device and driver support in the industry. TEKLYNX is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has connectivity relationships with multiple ERP software providers. Over 400,000 companies in 120 countries rely on its integrated software solutions for supply chain automation, warehouse management, shipping and receiving, inventory control and asset management. The company is headquartered in Milwaukee with operations in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and Singapore. More information on TEKLYNX International is available at

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RFID-Radio Frequency Identification

AIDC-Automatic Identification & Data Collection

HF-High Frequency

UHF-Ultra-High Frequency

EPC-Electronic Product Code

DoD-Department of Defense

HIPAA-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

CFR Part 11-Outlines the controls necessary for Food and Drug Administration electronic records and signatures

AIAG-Automotive Industry Action Group

Sunrise Initiative-Extends bar codes to 13 digits, expanding the possible number of product identifiers exponentially and bringing conformance with European standards

SQL-Structured Query Language

ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning

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