Label Applicator inspects/writes RFID labels in real-time.

Press Release Summary:

Model CTM 360 label applicator inspects and writes in real time to 13.56 MHz ISO and other HF RFID transponders embedded in pressure-sensitive labels. It accepts RFID labels in roll form and automatically tamp-blow applies them to various products. Label application rates can be as high as 40-50 per min. System eliminates need for advance programming, and each RW head is customized to fit application, transponder type, and frequency.

Original Press Release:

New 360 RW Label Applicator From MPI Label Systems First To Inspect & Accurately Write In Real Time To RFID Transponders Embedded In Pressure Sensitive Labels

SEBRING, OH - September 15, 2003 - To ensure that accurate, real time information is written to RFID transponders, MPI Label Systems (MPI) has designed and incorporated a new, patent pending, read/write head into the proven, versatile and industry accepted CTM 360 label applicator.

The 360 RW Label Applicator will inspect and write to 13.56 Mhz ISO and other HF transponders embedded in pressure sensitive labels and automatically tamp-blow apply them to a variety of products. Ideal logistics/supply chain applications include RFID traveling database labels with content and transportation information to track pallets, crates, containers, totes, barrels and bottles through the distribution process and for inventory management.

Designed to meet a variety of requirements, the 360 RW applicator accepts RFID labels in roll form. First, the read/write head inspects each transponder at the point of label application to make sure it is good. Labels with defective transponders are detected and discarded. Acceptable transponder labels are then immediately written to with real time information and tamp-blow applied.

Label application rates can be as high as 40 to 50 per minute. The 360 RW applicator can accept RFID embedded labels in roll form from any qualified label supplier.

Key 360 RW user benefits

The 360 RW applicator is the first to validate, write and affix an RFID label in real time at speeds up to 40 to 50 labels per minute. Other systems require writing to the transponder before the point of label application. In that information and production requirements change frequently, users could end up with a pre-written roll of labels with inaccurate transponder information.

The 360 RW eliminates both the need for advance programming, and having to maintain a large stock of expensive transponder embedded material. And, while transponders can be manually programmed at the point of placement it is not possible to achieve the label placement speed or accuracy of the 360 RW applicator.

A complete package/360 RW pricing

In addition to the MPI 360 RW applicator, MPI Label Systems can supply embedded RFID transponder labels, transponder reader and software. Each RW head is customized to fit the application, transponder type and frequency.

Normal delivery for the MPI 360 RW applicator is two to four weeks. Approximate pricing for the 360 RW applicator is $15,000 with a one-year guarantee. Support stands are available at additional cost. MPI Label Systems maintains a nationwide sales and service network for applicator installation and service.

RW head can be custom fitted to existing applicators

The MPI designed RFID read/write head unit (U.S. and Foreign patents pending), can be custom fitted to existing label applicators from CTM. Cost to make the modification will vary depending on the label applicator and application requirements.

MPI Label Systems, with 500+ employees, seven manufacturing facilities and 35 sales offices, has specialized in pressure-sensitive, flexographic labels and labeling systems for 30+ years. The company has been a pioneer in the development of RFID and digital label production and application technology. MPI's Machine Division is an authorized, licensed sales and service agent for CTM label application equipment. The read/write head unit for the 360 RW applicator was designed by MPI Label Systems for RFID embedded label applications and is only available through MPI's sales and service network.

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