Label and Sign Makers Are Now Being Offered Through Creative Safety Supply

Printing labels and signs is a great way to inform, give directions and advertise a business or product.

Implementing a lean visual workplace has been made easier through supplies offered at Creative Safety Supply. The most cost effective and easiest way to print labels and signs is by thermal label printers. The Labeltac 4 Industrial Labeling Machine is highly recommended by Creative Safety Supply as the right system that will provide quality and durable labels and signs. Printing labels or signs in house is very cost effective as there is no more need to outsource labels and then wait for them to arrive in the mail. If purchasing a printer is not in the budget, a rental program is also offered with no strings attached.

Labels and signs are great tools for any 5S program as they create visual direction and information. Printing labels to mark hazardous material or creating floor labels for safety zones is a way to reduce unnecessary accidents from happening. Safety is very critical for all work environments including offices, schools, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. By reducing accidents, a business can reduce downtime and in turn increase production output. More profit is gained and insurance costs for both employees and business owners should not increase. Printing signs can also be a great way to advertise a business or product. The printers can print both indoor and outdoor signs and labels up to 4" tall and 40" long that are chemical, water, weather, UV, and wear resistant, and won't fade or smear over time. A school superintendent commented, "Our school staff utilizes the thermal printer to print out labels for classroom workshops. It has been very cost effective and we get quality labels that we could not get from a third party."

Please visit or call toll-free (866)777-1360 for more information about label printers, labels or any of the numerous lean and safety products offered.

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