Lab Refrigerators from Tovatech Final Link in Critical 'Cold Chain' Storage of Vaccines

Norlake auto-defrost vaccine refrigerators meet key criteria in providing safe vaccine storage, avoiding undesirable temperature variations that can occur in manual-defrost laboratory refrigerators.

South Orange, NJ, January 13 --- Tovatech offers a variety of auto-defrost refrigerators manufactured by Norlake as a key component for reliable "cold chain" storage of vaccines across the entire supply chain from manufacturing to administering. These refrigerators respond to a notification by the Centers for Disease Control that even slight departures from recommended vaccine storage temperatures will reduce their potency and effectiveness.

"Auto-defrost Norlake vaccine refrigerators also meet new regulations in California that describe manual defrost refrigerators as unacceptable for vaccine storage because of significant temperature variations due to their 'cold wall' design," says Tovatech director Dr. Rachel Kohn. "Auto-defrost refrigerators use forced air to help maintain temperature uniformity throughout the unit.

"Three Norlake laboratory refrigerators are identified in the California study's buying guide as acceptable for vaccine storage, Dr. Kohn said. "These include models with two doors and an integral digital temperature display, a general purpose model and an under-counter model with a user-installed digital temperature monitor."

Norlake Premier models with one, two or three glass or solid doors are likewise especially designed for exacting performance in the storage of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, and general life sciences applications, Dr. Kohn said. "All feature user-controlled auto-defrost, digital LED microprocessor controls and alarms. They are adjustable to provide stable storage temperatures from 36° to 50° F."

In addition to featuring forced air flow for excellent temperature uniformity throughout the cabinets, Norlake laboratory refrigerators have visual, audio and remote alarms that signal if temperatures move out of the pre-set range. Door locks provide additional protection for vital vaccines.

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