LAAD 2013: Hatehof will Feature a Range of Complete Solutions for Armored and Riot Control Vehicles for Defense and Law Enforcement

The Company Recently Won a Multi-Year Tender for the Supply of its Riot Control Vehicles for the Israeli Police and Fire Fighting Vehicles for the Israeli Ministry of Interior

Nazrat Ilit, Israel -  Hatehof - a leading developer and manufacturer of a range of complete solutions for armored vehicles and special-purpose vehicles - will feature a variety of advanced full solutions for armored and riot control vehicles for Defense and Law Enforcement at LAAD, April 9-12, Brazil, at the Israel Pavilion, Hall 4, Stand #K-40. The company recently won a multi-year tender for the supply of Riot Control vehicles for the Israeli Police and Fire Fighting Vehicles for the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

Hatehof provides complete, end-to-end solutions, producing various types of vehicles based on an existing chassis of any vehicle manufacturer, and can develop an automotive system in-house if required.

Hatehof's Riot Control Vehicles are designed to control riots, demonstrations, and other civil disturbances, according to client requirements and mission profile. The vehicles include a wide range of add-on options, such as - armored cabins, automotive platforms, turrets, portholes, water/dye/skunk/gas/foam disposal in various volumes, day and night cameras, jamming systems, CCTV systems, and many other features. 

The company's Fire Fighting Vehicles include custom-made, comprehensive firefighting and rescue vehicles for airports, forests, and urban applications, with various water tank capacities - and Fire Fighting Trailers enabling high vehicle maneuverability carrying first response equipment (pumps and hoses) to the event site.

Additional solutions to be highlighted at LAAD:

Wolf - Multipurpose Armored Personnel Carrier

The Wolf is a multi-purpose, 9-ton, 4x4 armored vehicle with a carrying capacity of up to 9 fighters, that was developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for use in urban and off-road missions. The vehicle has a high STANAG Level of protection for KE threats. In the past two years, the company has supplied hundreds of these Wolf vehicles to the IDF and to police and military forces globally.

Navigator - Heavy-Duty MRAP

The Navigator is a massive, durable, 4x4 MRAP weighing up to 18.5 tons, which can carry up to 13 soldiers. It has a high level of protection of up to 14 kg for underbelly mines, and an overall STANAG protection Level 3 with optional add-on kits increasing protection to Level 4, defending soldiers and assets from IEDs/RPGs.


The Hurricane introduces the next generation of light armored vehicles - which are lighter in weight relative to others in their category, i.e., up to 9 tons. It has a Monocoque V-shape capsule and independent suspension with an overall STANAG protection Level 3, with optional increase to Level 4.  The vehicle has exceptional maneuverability, can carry a crew of up to 7 people, and is suitable for a variety of military and paramilitary missions.

According to Mr. Alon Guttel, Hatehof's CEO, "We are pleased to highlight our wide range of armored vehicle solutions at LAAD. These vehicles leverage Hatehof's vast field experience and in-house engineering and production capabilities.  All our vehicles are operational and field-proven and in use around the world, including in Latin American countries, by our many satisfied customers." He continues, "We work continuously on the development of advanced protection technologies whose goal is, first and foremost, the saving of lives, while maintaining the technical capabilities of the vehicles - mobility and maneuverability."

About Hatehof

Founded in 1947, Hatehof develops and manufactures a range of special-purpose and armored vehicles for both military and civilian entities around the globe, including the IDF.  The company boasts a long track record of innovative, meticulously engineered and high quality products, combining automotive solutions with protection and high survivability, while maintaining vehicle mobility, maneuverability, and weight advantage in even the most difficult field conditions. 

Through sophisticated use of the Monocoque capsule, V-shape, floating floor, and hanging chairs, Hatehof offers various levels of STANAG protection against small arms, underbelly mines, roadside bombs, and gunfire.

Hatehof’s array of 4x4 vehicle solutions range from a 4-ton Special Forces light vehicle to heavily armored 18-ton vehicles with highly customizable applications that include armored emergency vehicles with ballistic and mine protection, ambulances, riot control vehicles, NBC decontamination containers, fire trucks, LIC (Low Intensity Combat) protected vehicles, search and rescue, and many others.

Among Hatehof customers are armed forces, law enforcement, and homeland security forces, as well as medical service providers, firefighting units, search and rescue units, and many others.

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