L.H. Dottie Extends Free Tool Belt Promo

L.H. Dottie Company has announced the extension of its punch kit promotion. Originally set to end in April, the popularity of the promotion has pushed the end date back to May 31st. With every purchase of a punch kit, a contractor will also get a free 3-piece Comfortfit Electricians Combo tool belt.

The L.H. Dottie Hydraulic Punch Kit features a single tool for a wide range of dies, using a patented 360° fully articulating head. There are two kits to choose from depending on your needs, one 13 piece kit ranging from ½ to 2 ½ inch dies, as well as the full 16 piece set which goes from ½ to 4 inches. The 3 point die design doesn't allow slugs to bind letting them fall out easily. Die cups are laser etched for precise location setting and requires 50% less torque to operate than other similar tools. Each punch kit includes a heavy duty bullet proof carrying case and a full color manual.

The free tool belt is a full electrician's three piece set, with a special support belt for optimal comfort and ease of use on the job.

About L.H. Dottie:

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