L-Band Radar Amplifiers Offer Low Input/Output VSWR

Press Release Summary:

GaN-based IGNP1214M1KW-GPS L-Band Radar Amplifier from Integra can be operated in frequency band of 1.20-1.40 GHz. This amplifier provides minimum of 1000W of peak pulsed output power with 10% duty cycle under 300µs pulse width. Unit comes with RF-activated gate biasing circuitry.

Original Press Release:

Single-Supply, L-Band Radar Amplifier Offers 50 Ohm at 1.2 - 1.4 GHz

Integra Technologies, a leading designer and supplier of high-power RF and microwave transistors and amplifiers, offers a high efficiency, low input/output VSWR pallet amplifier.

IGNP1214M1KW-GPS is a single-supply 50 Ohm matched GaN-based pulsed power pallet amplifier for L-Band radar systems, operating in the 1.20 - 1.40 GHz instantaneous frequency band. The pallet amplifier supplies a minimum of 1000W of peak pulsed output power under the conditions of 300µs pulse width and 10% duty cycle. The pallet contains bias sequencing and RF-activated gate biasing circuitry to simplify system integration. All units are 100% screened for large signal RF parameters.

About Integra Technologies, Inc. | (www.integratech.com
) Integra is a leading designer, manufacturer, innovator, and global supplier of high-power RF and microwave transistors and power amplifiers. They have a demonstrable heritage as a provider of dependable standard and custom solutions for low to high volume EW, radar, avionics, defense, communications, and ISM programs. The technologies that Integra fabricates with include GaN/SiC HEMT, Si-LDMOS, Si-VDMOS, and Si-Bipolar semiconductor approaches proven in their own fab and with redundant partners.

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