L-Band Amplifiers suit digital audio broadcasting OEMs.

Press Release Summary:

Operating from 220 Vac internal power supply, 19 in. rack-mountable AL-series L-band Power Amplifiers employ LDMOS technology. Model AL50-D provides 70 Wrms for DAB applications and 200 W CW, while Model AL100-D is rated at 140 Wrms and 400 W CW. Also available are Models LDL15 and LDL80 pallets, which require 35 Vdc supply. LDL15 is rated at 15 Wrms and 45 W CW, and LDL80 is rated at 80 Wrms and 200 W CW.

Original Press Release:

New L-Band Amplifiers Address Needs of Digital Audio Broadcasting OEMs

In an effort to anticipate the requirements of Digital Audio Broadcasting transmitter manufacturers, Richardson Electronics has announced the availability of two new L-Band (1450-1500 MHz) power amplifiers designed and manufactured by RF Engineered Solutions, Ltd. (RES).

The AL50-D provides 70Wrms for DAB applications and 200W CW. The AL100-D is rated at 140Wrms and 400W CW. RES also manufactures 15Wrms and 80Wrms L-band pallets to accommodate customers preferring to use the pallets as a building block for their own amplifier design.

The AL-series amplifiers and pallets employ state-of-the art LDMOS technology. The 19-inch rack mountable AL50-D and AL100-D feature an unparalleled power output capability in relation to their size. Both operate through a 220Vac internal power supply.

The LDL15 and LDL80 pallets require a 35Vdc supply.

Part Class Gain(db) Pout(CW) Pout(Wrms)
Power Amplifiers
AL50-D AB 50 200 70
AL100-D AB 53 400 140
LDL15 AB 13 45 15
LDL80 AB 12 200 80

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