Kyzen to Exhibit Cleaning Products for a Variety of Metal Parts at the Parts Cleaning Expo and PMTS

NASHVILLE- Kyzen, a world leading provider of environmentally responsible precision cleaning products for electronics and high-technology manufacturing operations, will exhibit in Booth #1403 at the upcoming Parts Cleaning Expo co-located with the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS), scheduled to take place April 16-18, 2013 in Columbus, OH.

METALNOX® M6330 is a high alkaline aqueous solution designed to clean and brighten a wide variety of metal parts. M6330 will provide long-term corrosion protection on ferrous and copper based alloys, including brass and bronze. M6330 is intended to be diluted for use in spray or immersion systems.

M6330 is particularly effective in removing heavy greases and oils found in typical CNC machining operations. The solution will not discolor sensitive metals such as brass and other copper based alloys. Aluminum alloys should be tested to determine compatibility.

METALNOX® M6380 is a modified alcohol based solvent cleaner blend designed to clean a wide range of polar and non-polar soils from ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. Effective in immersion, manual and vacuum applications, M6380 dries completely without leaving a residue. Additionally, the solvent is designed to remove machining oils/coolants and metal fines.

METALNOX® M6330 and M6380 have proven compatible with most materials of construction used in industrial parts cleaning systems and processes. M6330 and M6380 do not contain CFCs or HAPs.

METALNOX® M6330 and M6380 are available in one, five, and 55 gallon containers.

Kyzen is a leading supplier of precision cleaning chemistries to the worldwide electronics, metal finishing, medical, semiconductor, and optical industries. Founded in 1990, Kyzen offers superior cleaning chemistries, technical support, application and analytical services throughout the world. Kyzen has won numerous industry awards for their exceptional products and all products are RoHS compliant.

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