KVM System minimizes data transfer risk.

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With External Destkop Agent for each computer, Singlepoint KvM(TM) System allows single user positioned at central display to securely control multiple computers on physically separate networks. EDA presents itself as local keyboard and mouse to controlled computer, communicating with it via unidirectional PS/2 or USB interface. Each EDA communicates with operator's keyboard and mouse via Ethernet connection, and all controlled computers use DVI/VGA to connect to central display processor.

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SinglePoint KvM System Minimizes Data Transfer Risk for Secure Environments

EDA offers tighter security with Single Operator Control

Alameda, CA - RGB Spectrum's Singlepoint KvM(TM) system now offers users increased data transfer protection with a new feature - an external desktop agent (EDA). Using EDA, a relatively small hardware device external to each computer controlled, Singlepoint KvM allows a single user positioned at a central display to more securely control multiple computers on physically separate networks. While reducing data transfer risk is desirable for military and government customers, the enhanced security that EDA offers is also in demand by many commercial applications that need to meet tight security standards.

Setting up the system is simple. The EDA presents itself as the local keyboard and mouse to the controlled computer, communicating with it via a unidirectional PS/2 or unidirectional USB interface. Meanwhile, the operator's "real" keyboard and mouse are located at a desk.

Each EDA communicates with the operator's keyboard and mouse via an Ethernet connection. Video and graphics take a separate path. All controlled computers use DVI or VGA to connect to the central display processor. The resulting dual star configuration comprises a control (keyboard and mouse) path over Ethernet and a video connection over DVI or VGA. The keyboard and mouse are located at the center of the control path, and the display processor is positioned at the center of the video path.

This means that a network (or subnet), usually referred to as the control network, can be used for the keyboard and mouse as well as all required EDAs (one per controlled computer). All the controlled computers can be included on a single, physically separate network or subnet, or, in the most extreme example, each controlled computer can exist on a physically separate network. Whatever configuration the customer choses, this setup maximizes the ability to transfer information - especially large volumes of information - without compromising accessibility to computers and required resources.

RGB Spectrum's MultiPoint KvM product makes the setup even more secure by offering user profiles in combination with a video switch, allowing the administrator to configure three levels of computer access (control, view only, and no access) privileges.

RGB Spectrum® is a leader in videographic and decision support system technologies. Products include the View(TM) family of video windowing systems, MediaWall® multi-screen display controllers, Linx(TM) matrix switchers, DGy(TM) digital recording system, DSx(TM) H.264 streaming and recording codecs, MultiPoint KvM(TM) control room decision support systems, and SynchroMaster® keyers and overlayers. RGB Spectrum is based in Alameda, California, and can be reached at 510-814-7000 and on the internet at www.rgb.com.

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