KVM Switch allows for remote access storage management.

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Dominion® KX II KVM switch provides remote video resolution at 1,600 x 1,200, intuitive browser-based user interface and Universal Virtual Media to access storage media on remote servers. Unit features dual power supplies and dual gigabit Ethernet ports with automatic failover protection. Switch supports internal and USB-connected CD/DVD drives, USB mass storage devices, ISO images, and PC hard drives and enables on-site management as well.

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Raritan Introduces Dominion KX II; Industry's Most Comprehensive KVM-over-IP Switch for Remote and 'At-the-Rack' Server Management

SOMERSET, N.J., and LAS VEGAS, May 21 - Interop Las Vegas Raritan Booth 1567 - Raritan today unveiled its next-generation KVM-over-IP switch, the Dominion® KX II. On a new, easy-to-deploy and scalable appliance platform, the Dominion® KX II delivers more powerful productivity features to help IT organizations access and manage servers from anywhere thereby improving data center efficiency.

Designed to deliver a better user experience to administrators who spend hours at a time in front of a screen managing servers, the Dominion KX II provides the industry's highest remote video resolution (1,600 x 1,200), tight mouse synchronization performance and a new, intuitive browser-based user interface. It also provides Universal Virtual Media to conveniently access storage media on remote servers. For high availability, Dominion® KX II comes with dual power supplies and dual gigabit Ethernet ports - both with automatic failover protection.

"The new Dominion KX II is a great value. It provides next-generation technologies and new features - such as Universal Virtual Media, dual power and Absolute Mouse Synchronization(TM) - at the same price as the original Dominion KX," said Richard Dominach, Raritan Senior Product Manager. "These new features - along with integrated remote power control and other popular features found in our original Dominion KX I switches that are used in thousands of data centers - are standard on all Dominion KX II models."

To deliver a remote user experience that is almost indistinguishable from a direct at-the-rack connection, the Dominion KX II provides the following new features:

A new, easy-to-use, browser-based user interface that provides a consistent user experience whether working remotely, at the rack, or performing administration tasks on the KX II. It is the first browser-based user interface for at-the-rack KVM access and management.

Universal Virtual Media, which lets administrators mount drives and media from their desktop to remote servers in the data center during a KVM connection. This is useful to install software, transfer files, back up data or run diagnostics. KX II supports internal and USB-connected CD/DVD drives, USB mass storage devices, ISO images and PC
hard drives. Universal Virtual Media is standard on all Dominion KX II models without a price premium, and works with or without a centralized management system.

Absolute Mouse Synchronization, which eliminates the time-consuming task of manually adjusting mouse parameters on each target server in order to synchronize the remote and target server mouse cursors. With Absolute Mouse Synchronization, mouse cursors stay in synch and keep annoying mouse delays to a minimum.

Virtual KVM Desktop(TM), which lets users scale a target server's display to any size, from thumbnail to full-screen video. It also provides transparent keyboard handling by sending securely every keystroke combination straight to the server.

According to Brian Weisman, Director of Sales at Matrix Solutions Inc., a federal government reseller based in Maryland, the Dominion KX II is a complete package that provides all the important features to help IT administrators simplify tasks, increase productivity and help lower escalating IT maintenance costs. "For the most demanding enterprise environments, the Dominion KX II comes through in flying colors," said Weisman. "Even if a server crashes or is hung, requires booting to safe mode, or requires changes to BIOS parameters, you can count on the Dominion KX II to provide anytime, anywhere access in these real-world scenarios."

Award-Winning Dominion Series

As a plug-and-play KVM appliance that installs in minutes, Dominion KX II is completely self-contained with all key features preloaded - including authentication and Web access. Since KX II provides BIOS-level access, servers are accessible even if a server's operating system is not working or the network interface card has failed. If an Internet connection is unavailable, the KX II provides an integrated dedicated modem port for emergency dial-up access.

To protect servers from unauthorized access, KX II provides new features for added security - including strong password support and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption of keyboard, video and mouse data. AES, which is a U.S. government approved cryptographic algorithm, is recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the FIPS Standard 197. KX II also provides built-in authentication, compatibility with third-party AAA servers, and SNMP and Syslog event management. The KX II's remote power control enables users to power up, power down or power cycle servers connected to optional Raritan remote power control units.

Dominion KX II consists of two components: the KVM-over-IP switch and Computer Interface Modules (CIMs). A CIM, which connects to a server's KVM ports, converts the video signals for transmission, as well as delivers "keep-alive keyboard/mouse emulation." To protect investments and ease migration to KX II, CIMs from KX I and CIMs from selected Paragon® I and Paragon II KVM switches are supported.

All KX II models are CommandCenter® Secure Gateway (CC-SG 3.1.1) certified, so that multiple Dominion switches - and connected servers - can be managed from one IP address. CC-SG offers a significant set of convenient tools - such as consolidated enterprise-wide views, remote configuration and firmware updates - as well as a single authentication and authorization access point to all targets connected to Raritan Dominion switches. In addition, CC-SG enables advanced server search, access and remote power control, as well as setup of Virtual Media permissions.

Pricing & Availability

The Dominion KX II product line, which starts at $2,995 (U.S. List Price.), is available worldwide through Raritan's extensive distribution channels. The KX II is available in six models - which range from 16-ports to 64-ports - and supports one local user and one, two or four remote users. (The 64-port model - the industry's highest port density KVM-over-IP switch - will be available next quarter.) Two new CIMs are also available with Dominion KX II - the new USB CIM (D2CIM-VUSB) that supports virtual media and absolute mouse synchronization, and the Remote Power Control CIM (D2CIM-PWR). More information on the various Dominion KX II models can be found at http://www.Raritan.com/KVM.

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