Kuwait Ready to Meet Summer Electricity Demand

o GE Gas Turbines Help Add 10 Percent More Power to Grid

o Completion of Sabiya Phase 1; Six Advanced F-Technology Turbines Generating Almost 1,400 MW to Support Country's Growing Energy Need

o Phase 2 on Track; When Completed Will Boost Country's Power Generation Capacity by Almost 700 Megawatts (20 Percent)

KUWAIT CITY, KUWAIT - Sabiya, Kuwait's largest power plant, recently activated six GE (NYSE: GE) advanced technology gas turbine-generators that are producing nearly 1,400 megawatts of power to help support the country's robust business and residential growth. The six 9FA gas turbines are adding about 10 percent of capacity to Kuwait's grid and helping the country meet its peak demand for electricity during the hot summer months.

The increased power adds capacity to the country's power generation to help fuel Kuwait's growth. Kuwait's power demand is growing at approximately 7-10 percent per year, and at this rate, the country estimates it will reach national peak load demand of 25,000 MW by year 2025. GE has been working with the government to drive operational efficiencies and capacity enhancements by providing its world-class technologies.

Owned by the government of Kuwait, the Sabiya facility is the largest power plant in Kuwait and among the largest in the region. When the plant enters combined-cycle operation in 2012, the total plant output will be more than 2,000 megawatts. A combined-cycle plant dramatically boosts efficiency because waste heat is recovered from the exhaust of the gas turbine, converted to steam and then fed to a steam turbine to provide additional energy output.

"The Sabiya project is a reflection of the Ministry's commitment to provide reliable electricity for the people of Kuwait," said Joseph Anis, GE Energy's president for the Middle East. "Working closely with the Ministry of Electricity and Water and EPC contractor Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), we have been successful in meeting a very tight project schedule to make additional power available this summer. This very important project reinforces our growing commitment to Kuwait, where we have been active for nearly 40 years."

The six 9FA gas turbines utilize GE's DLN2.6 emissions reducing technology that lowers annual CO2 and NOx emissions by significant margins, which support Kuwait's clean air goals. Today's announcement is part of a turnkey contract the Kuwait's Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) signed in 2009 with GE and Hyundai Heavy Industries totaling $2.65 billion for the Sabiya power plant. GE also will operate and maintain the plant for seven years from the date that the plant enters full combined-cycle commercial operation. A highly skilled GE workforce will run the power station and provide training for the MEW employees to support growth plans and ensure efficient plant operation.

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