Kurt to Exhibit New USB Data Collection & Control Module and 5-Axis Vise Clamping System at Quality Expo 2007,Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Booth -7804

Minneapolis, MN: Kurt's 2007 Quality Expo Exhibit will feature new ways to improve quality and productivity using the KurtUSB Data Collection and Control Module and the Kurt VB 5AX100 Schenke 5.1 Clamping System for 5-axis machining.

"There is a natural synergy between these and all of Kurt's workholding and gaging products," reports Larry Frandson, Kurt Vice President of Administration. "For the first time, we're bringing that product synergy to Quality Expo. Manufacturers that produce large quantities of precision machined components can use Kurt Workholding systems to produce close tolerance parts and measure those parts with Kurt's gaging systems. When integrated, Kurt's precision workholding and gaging systems make parts faster, easier and more profitably for the customer in today's marketplace."

New KurtUSB Module Designed For High Speed Data Analysis,
Automation Control PLC's And Gage Building

The new KurtUSB MLX (Multifunctional LVDT eXtra) modular building block processes input from various electrical signals with high speed and accuracy and can provide programmable responses for automatic operation. It is ideally suited for stepper motor, gaging systems, automation and PLC applications.

The KurtUSB MLX module has a powerful CPU that processes electrical signals with amazing speed and accuracy. Because of this processing power, signals from different types of sensors can be processed by software allowing the MLX to easily be configured to work with several different types of devices including: LVDT probes, air to electric transducers, temperature sensors, eddy current sensors and custom software for unique applications.

With internal programmable logic controller (PLC), the MLX can be programmed with industry standard ladder logic to inputs and can control complex automated equipment through discrete outputs, stepper motors, analog outputs, or remote DeviceNet devices.

Continuous 5-Axis Cutting Motion Of Pockets, Sculptured Surfaces And
3-D Features Made Possible With New VB 5AX100 Schenke 5.1 Clamping System from Kurt.

Kurt's new 5-axis clamping system now makes possible continuous 5-axis cutting motion of complex pockets, sculptured and contoured surfaces and intricate 3-D features with repeatable high precision accuracy.

Called the Kurt VB 5AX100 Schenke 5.1 Clamping System, this device provides clamping force up to 8992 lb (40kN) for obstruction-free, high speed machining in all 5 axes. Where conventional workholding limits a 5-axis machining center to just 3-axis operation, the Kurt VB 5AX100 Schenke 5.1 Clamping System extends the operating range of the machining center to its full output potential.

The system is adjustable to handle any desired clamping width and it is limited only by the size of the machine table. The system's two clamping jaws, one stationary and one moveable, can be positioned at any desired distance from each other.

This new Kurt 5-axis clamping system eliminates jaw deflection and/or part misalignment during machining operations. By locating the tension spindle directly under the workpiece, the jaws do not flare out under tension and the machine table does not distort. The system handles blank workpieces, machined workpieces and round and irregularly shaped workpieces with repeatable accuracy.

A "must visit" destination at Quality Expo, Kurt will be represented by Jeff Lenz, Daniel Miller, Jon Baller and Lori Schoening of Kurt Electronics, and David Zaval and Mel Niklus of Kurt Workholding. September 25-27, Booth #7804, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemount (Chicago), Illinois.

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